About Me

IMG_7627Welcome!  In October 2014 I said goodbye to what I’ve always seemed to have as a constant-a full time office career.  Due to changes in my family, I was going to embark on something brand new and unexpected-being a stay at home mom.  I give those of you who are stay at home parents a lot of credit.  Most days I don’t think I’m cut out for this.  It’s definitely on the job training for this girl and it has rocked my whole core.  Here I am nearly four years later and I still feel like I’m trying to find my way!  

When I began my former blog, Lily Boxing, in 2010 I had earned my Lifetime Goal Weight with Weight Watchers, losing over 60 pounds. I wanted to share all of my tips and support with anyone who was interested.  Then my life changed just two years later.  I began to unexplainably put on weight in June 2012-40 pounds to be exact-I’m sure it wasn’t all in a few months, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t lose it. Then just a few short months later we decided to have another child and I was pregnant in November 2012.  I then found out I had hypothyroidism and starting taking medication right away.  This has been part of the battle I’ve been facing since my diagnosis.  My form of Hypothyroidism is called Hashimotos Disease.  It’s an autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. 

I signed back up for Weight Watchers just 3 weeks after James was born (August 2013).  I tried my absolute hardest.  I walked 3 plus miles a day during my whole maternity leave.  Things were looking great I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight (200LB – still overweight), until I head back to work.  The weight loss I was experiencing came to a halt.  In April 2014 I went to meet with a Nutritionist.  She helped me get back to 180 pounds, which was great.  But I constantly felt deprived.  So I quit going and put back all the weight by splurging.
When it came to nutrition, I took a look at what I’ve been feeding myself and my family.  How horrible most of the food I was bringing home from the grocery was.  I look forward to learning more on how to eat and farm organically and feed and treat my family in a more healthy and medicinal way.

Thank you for checking my blog out and feel free to submit any questions, comments or suggestions.