Day Eight

Day eight was restful.

I slept in again then went down to the basement and did the triple workout I promised myself. I’m still fighting some sort of a cold so those workouts were challenging to say the least. I finished up then get ready for the day. I planned on doing some more wood burning and the laundry once Al and James got home from their camping trip.

Well. My body had other plans. I don’t know if it was the combination of the workouts and the cold but I had to lay down. It was that kind of moment where your body was like – ummmm lay day now or I’m going to just quit on you. It felt urgent. So I listened and laid down on the couch for a few minutes. I got up after about 10 minutes and realized this was a remove your contacts and get a blanket kind of lay down because you’re going to be here for a while. I was. Three hour nap is what my body needed. I got up around dinner time and made some dinner for the family. If I was here alone I can assure you I would have just skipped dinner and went to bed.

After dinner did a few things then got the kids ready for bed – then hopped into bed myself. So overall on the scale of productive, I wasn’t. But I did take care of my body today and listened to what is was asking from me.

This next week I’m going to try to be a little more mindful of my eating-I’m still not cutting any food from my diet. I really need to drink more water too. I know I’m not drinking enough.

Day Eight Gratitude: That my kids are old enough where I can nap and they know enough to wake me if they need something. (Which they never do thanks to Xbox. Lol)


Day Seven

Day Seven and I’m feeling alright! I’m going to mark myself safe from the mood madness.

I’ll keep writing these for the thirty days because I definitely have other things to work on other than my mood and it’s kind of nice to share my day – no matter how mundane. Because let’s face it my husband, for the most part could care less about all of the little details and feels I put in here.

Slept in and pulled a double this morning to play catch up on those skipped workouts this week. Just as I suspected my workout area was full of dust/debris.

*Short explanation- husband was running wire in the basement then got all “I must clean this area” – shop vac filter apparently had a hole and was blowing all the dust and crap right back out. All over everything. He of course ordered a new filter and “cleaned” it up – but not how I’d clean it. My mat felt gross to the touch and I touch it and lay on it – so I vacuumed again and washed it before working out. Not something I would have been able to do on a School morning at 5am. So I guess it worked out.*

I made breakfast for Nate and I – then called him out of his “man cave” to eat with me. Other than feeding times that has been the only time I’ve seen this kid. It’s like I’ve been home alone with the pets. I did some Etsy Shop work on some new projects (wooden spoons and keychains today). I also FINALLY cleaned my desk. Sharing your office is the worst and it’s also a drop spot for all the crap that needs to be put away and sold on EBay.

I spent the rest of my day relaxing in the living room with my fur babies with the fire place glowing. It was nice to be able to watch what I wanted to watch on TV. That rarely happens here. Lots of Xbox and weird TV shows happen. Nate and I ordered Chinese for dinner when he emerged from his room and watched the Masked Singer. It was nice to spend time with just him, we hardly ever get to do that. We even got to see Fluffy (the bunny) binky (jump excitedly kicking his feet showing he’s super happy) for the first time. I think Fluffy is starting to feel like this is home.

The other half of my family should be home tomorrow morning at some point. So it will go back to crazy town in here!

Day Seven Gratitude: A quiet house all day with no yelling – other than at the dog to stop barking at nothing. LOL


Day Six

Keeping it rolling with Day Six.

So. I’d almost venture to say that my bad mood has almost disappeared and I’m feeling nearly normal (or normal for me). Which feels kinda nice to feel content. I’m definitely fighting some kind of cold but it didn’t stop me from my workout this morning.

That Friday workout nearly kills me every week. Torching calories as I roll into the weekend. Cardio, weights and core on a tabata type rotation. Because I’m not feeling my best it seemed even harder than usual. But I didn’t quit. Held out until the bitter end.

I didn’t end up fitting in a double today. Too much going on – I had some office stuff to take care of (plus I think my workout spot is all dusty from the vacuum snaffu that the hubby had) so I just said screw it – maybe tomorrow.

My husband and youngest went cabin camping with the Cub Scouts and the big kid decided to stay home. Although I tried to get him to change his mind.

Day six gratitude: the ability to get up and get out to push my body to do amazing things.


Day Five

Day five. Day five. Day five.

Woke up with what felt a full blown cold and skipped the 5am hustle in favor of bed. Again. But I felt better after being up and around for a while. I thought I might have talked myself into working out but used every minor inconvenience as a reason not to. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

I ran errands and then enjoyed some birthday cake with one of the fun teachers from James school. It was nice to make the special visitor list for that.

Overall I’m still feeling better mood wise. I’m scheduled for a class at the gym in the morning for 9am. I don’t cancel those (mainly because they cost me money if I do) – so I’ll for sure be back in the workout game tomorrow morning. That also means I’ll probably come home and pull a double to catch up on some of the workouts I missed yesterday and today. It’s a slippery slope when you start missing workouts- it’s real easy to keep skipping them.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I plan on doing some of my craft work to add some new items to my Etsy Shop. Al and James are going camping (I’m still trying to talk Nate into going too) so I can get some me time in.

Thanks for supporting me and following along.

Day five gratitude: Having a good support system of people that listen no matter what.


Day Four

Is it possible that I’m starting to feel better?

At least today I did. I didn’t get to workout today – my husband was doing some work in the basement and my space was full of junk so I couldn’t get it done. At first I was annoyed, then I was ok with it. I figured – eh – this is the first workout I’ve missed in the whole program. No big deal. I did some crafty projects I put off for a while and ran a few errands.

Something I look forward to every evening is when I take our pet bunny out of his cage for his free time. He makes me so happy. He’s so stinking cute. We got him at the end of November and set up a secondary larger pen area in our living room for him to hop around in. This week I started letting him free roam for an hour before the kids bedtime. He loves it. I love it too.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on track with my morning workout – my workout space seems to be back in order. Then I’ve got some errands to run after school drop off, then back to school for a little birthday celebration. I’m lucky to have a great school for my little guy to go to.

Looking forward to keeping the pace with today’s mood tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Today’s gratitude: Fluffy (my bunny), who knew my aloof bunny could make me so happy.