Progress Report

Y’all. I felt so much better after spilling my guts to you the other day. Seriously. Thank you to everyone that checked in with me too. It meant a lot.

On Saturday my husband pretty much forced me out of the house to go take a walk. We went to one of my favorite places, Bluff Point in Groton, CT. As much anxiety I had about going to the state park, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. We went much later in the afternoon so I’m sure that helped a little. The views are amazing and it made my soul heal a little seeing the ocean, feeling the sun and smelling the air.

I added a little over three miles to my September race and that felt good too! Totally making that goal this month.

We took in the sunset as we finished up our walk. Then found a local pizza place and shared a pizza in the van – since eating in a restaurant is super restrictive and really weird. Then we treated ourselves to some Friendlys ice cream before heading home. Taking the long way home and being out of the house for no other reason than to take a walk and a ride was really nice.

During the ride I also made a deal with myself. No more fucking around. I need to get real with trying to lose weight and stop feeling bad about myself. So many of you have heard me say this a million times before but I’ve upped the ante for myself this time. WHEN I lose 20ish pounds and get to 199- I need to hold or go below for two weeks – then I will add another tattoo to my right arm – starting my sleeve. That’s something I REALLY want so I’m going to push to make it happen. So I’m starting in the morning. I’m working on some meal planning and shopping lists to get me going. I’m excited mainly because I want to get that tattoo AND my husband gave me zero shit when I said that was what I wanted to reward myself with.

I’ll check in again soon. I’m excited. I’m gonna do this. Better start figuring out what flowers I want to add to my arm!

Day Sixteen

Day sixteen was a day off for the kiddos. So that meant sleeping in a little later and a more relaxed schedule. I got up and pulled a double workout. Something I’m going to try this week is getting in at least an hour of exercise a day. I found that on my gym days where I workout (until I feel like I may die with cardio) I’m less likely to over eat throughout the rest of the day. Weird since you’d assume the opposite. I did my usual Morning Meltdown-Fight Club (my least favorite) then went out to the garage to give my new trampoline a try! I found one similar to the ones from the gym for a 1/3 of the price – so I jumped on it. I threw together a 30 minute tabata workout on the fly.

MM100 – Fight Club
30 min Tabata Tramp

After my workouts I had some breakfast and put away the mounds of laundry sitting on my dining room table. I put it all there so I have no choice but to put it away. Otherwise I’ll live out of the laundry baskets sitting in my bedroom or hallway.

It looked to be a good weather day so my friend Kim said she was going to take the kids on a hike and asked us to join. Only James was interested – so we threw ourselves together and hit the road with a backpack lunch. Hiking with 5 kids is always an adventure. Lots of “don’t do this and stop that”. We made it to the summit and had our lunch before heading back down. It was a nice day out with our friends.

Case Mountain-Manchester, CT

Tomorrow I’m off to try Barre at the gym. My body is beat from today. Hopefully I’ll recuperate overnight.

I almost forgot! I tracked all my food!

I need more protein and less carbs in my life. 😬

Day 16 Gratitude: that I’m able to do the workouts and take the walks. Sometimes we take that for granted.


Day Thirteen

Day thirteen and I’m still plugging along. Coughing up a storm but still going.

I slept in a little knowing I was heading to the gym after school drop off. I figured I could maybe sweat some of this cold? Whatever I have out during my weekly beat down at the gym. Fortunately I was too busy trying not to die during the 40 straight minutes of cardio with no warm up and a few tiny water breaks that I wasn’t coughing. Lol. I torch calories during these workouts at the gym. I only have a few visits left. Then I’ll have to figure out what comes next.

Energy Bounce Total Tone

I tracked all my food yesterday but did kind of go off the rails a little towards the end of the day. Once the kids are home and I have that “I don’t know what to do with myself vibe” – I tend to start seeking out food.

I just have to keep trying to do my best right?

Day 14 gratitude: That my oldest still seeks my opinion when he’s having a hard time. (Never easy for him so when he does it, it’s serious to him)


Day Ten

Day ten and I’m beginning to realize there isn’t a lot of exciting things happening around here. Especially when you start writing a daily blog post about your day!

I’m still battling this awful cold so I did my workout when I came home from school drop off. The grossness settles enough for me to want to do a workout after I’ve been up for a few hours. I ate my late breakfast then did some office work before getting sucked into the whole drama that unfolded with Futis Dulos. It consumed me yesterday for hours. Watching the madness unfold. I really didn’t expect it.

The rest of the day was all the normal stuff. It’s crazy loud around here on Tuesday’s because we do “no technology Tuesday” around here. So that means catching these two sneaking off with some sort of technology and then listening to them yell at each other for the rest of the day. Good times.

Hoping I start to feel better tomorrow!

Day 10 Gratitude: making my own schedule.


Day Nine

Day Nine was back to our morning routine. I got in my workout before getting Nate up and ready for his day. I dragged through my workout like I was half asleep. I’m fighting a bear of a cold. So these workouts seem twice as hard.

Monday’s are my grocery and planning day. So I quickly planned my menu for the week and made my list. If I don’t make a list when I go to the grocery, I end up leaving with a cart full of crap that I can’t make good dinners from. So my general rule is no list, no shopping.

I worked on my Etsy Shop and listed some new items before having to pick the kids up from school. Nate didn’t have clubs for some reason so it makes our Monday a little less stressful. Because James also has Cub Scouts on Monday nights.

I did stress bake some cookies this afternoon. Nate’s School and their communication stresses me out. We’re also working through some homework issues with him.

Not really exciting stuff happening here today. But I’m trying to stay consistent with writing. I was horrible with food today but decent with hydrating myself.

Day Njne Gratitude: having a flexible schedule that allows me to make last minute changes to fit the needs of my family.