Days Fourteen & Fifteen

Saturday & Sunday….

The weekends are busy here.  Saturday morning James had a hike with his Cub Scout Pack and Nate decided to stay home. So I stayed here and did all of our laundry, that I didn’t do last week so I had two weeks worth. Saturday night we had plans to celebrate my friends 40th birthday. It was a kid free night so the boys spent the night at my mother-in-law’s. She had her party at a laser tag place. Everyone had a great time.

I threw away my diet this weekend. I really need to start doing better tomorrow. I think part of it on Saturday was that my mother-in-law basically told me that I wasn’t even trying. But was sure to point out that my husband lost weight. Told me how much she lost. Then told me “we need to get you on board”. Awesome. So of course I showed her by eating two pieces of cake at the party. Then follow that up today by eating leftover cake and all of the queso during my home Super Bowl party. So needless to say I didn’t track anything for Saturday or Sunday in my fitness pal. Fresh start 73,738,372,837,262?

I think I’m really gonna try to give it a go this week and put in the whole week with trying to track everything and eat a little bit better. I really am sick of feeling like crap every day. Both mentally and physically. I’ve got to try to shut out all of the other aspects that caused me to stress eat or bored eat.

Days 14 and 15 gratitude: For having good friends that make me laugh and that I want to go out and spend time with. For never throwing in the towel no matter how hard I think it gets and how negative everyone around me is.

Here’s to a healthy week – let’s see if I can do it. Please help me stay accountable. Check in on me. I need it.


Day Thirteen

Day thirteen and I’m still plugging along. Coughing up a storm but still going.

I slept in a little knowing I was heading to the gym after school drop off. I figured I could maybe sweat some of this cold? Whatever I have out during my weekly beat down at the gym. Fortunately I was too busy trying not to die during the 40 straight minutes of cardio with no warm up and a few tiny water breaks that I wasn’t coughing. Lol. I torch calories during these workouts at the gym. I only have a few visits left. Then I’ll have to figure out what comes next.

Energy Bounce Total Tone

I tracked all my food yesterday but did kind of go off the rails a little towards the end of the day. Once the kids are home and I have that “I don’t know what to do with myself vibe” – I tend to start seeking out food.

I just have to keep trying to do my best right?

Day 14 gratitude: That my oldest still seeks my opinion when he’s having a hard time. (Never easy for him so when he does it, it’s serious to him)


Day Twelve

Day Twelve of writing and Day One of trying to get my shit together for the 484,728,272nd time.

I did the usual routine yesterday and forced myself to get up and work out even though I’m still not feeling 100%. I ran all my errands and finished up the school fundraiser.

I tracked all my food yesterday. Even the treats. I just can’t give up my candy.

I have to sit down and actually meal plan the rest of the meals in my day. Not just dinners. I have a spreadsheet that I was given when I saw a nutritionist a few years back that I really like that I can use to plan or I guess I could pre-track my day each morning to plan it all out too. We’ll have to see because sometimes I over plan and that just sets me up for failure because I overwhelm myself. I’m a weirdo I know.

Day Twelve Gratitude: I struggled with this one but I would have to say for today it’s the little moments in the car with the kids. Where they feel like sharing their day.


Day Eleven

Day eleven. Whoa.

Day eleven has me sick of my own shit. Yup. I said it. I’M SICK OF MY OWN SHIT. The overeating. The snacking. The muffin-top. The guilt. Then the stress eating from the guilt. All of it. I need to break the cycle. Because today while I did all of the above I felt myself slipping back into the sad bitch mode I was eleven days ago. Uh. No thanks. So where does that leave me? That leaves me needing to make a change. I need to do something different.

I wish I could do it as easy as I can say it. I have to take it one day at a time. Literally one day at a time. So. Here’s my plan for tomorrow. Get up – sniffles or not – and get my workout done before getting Nate up. Track everything I eat in MyFitnessPal. Drink all the water.

Somethings gotta give and eating all the food and killing myself in workouts isn’t changing anything. I’ve done the research and it’s not working. LOL.

Y’all. I’m so sick of myself today! I’m going to work to fix that tomorrow. Promise.

Here I go on my restart #63,627,263,739

Gratitude for day 11: The ability to be so mad at myself but love myself enough to make changes.


Day Ten

Day ten and I’m beginning to realize there isn’t a lot of exciting things happening around here. Especially when you start writing a daily blog post about your day!

I’m still battling this awful cold so I did my workout when I came home from school drop off. The grossness settles enough for me to want to do a workout after I’ve been up for a few hours. I ate my late breakfast then did some office work before getting sucked into the whole drama that unfolded with Futis Dulos. It consumed me yesterday for hours. Watching the madness unfold. I really didn’t expect it.

The rest of the day was all the normal stuff. It’s crazy loud around here on Tuesday’s because we do “no technology Tuesday” around here. So that means catching these two sneaking off with some sort of technology and then listening to them yell at each other for the rest of the day. Good times.

Hoping I start to feel better tomorrow!

Day 10 Gratitude: making my own schedule.