Boost Your Body Confidence

“You can do amazing things-
Here’s how to feel great about yourself, every step of your journey”
During today’s meeting we discussed how negative body talk gets in your way of your weight loss journey.  It crushes your confidence and sabotages you before you even begin!  Some of the key points mentioned in this weeks’ handout are:
Breakout that full length mirror and grab a pen and paper!
1.  List what you love!  Close those eyes and think about the features you do love about yourself.  Everyone has at least one thing they love about themselves  But try to find at least two.  Write them down!
2.  List what you don’t.  Sounds counter productive, I know.  But close those eyes again and think of 4 to 5 areas you are least satisfied with.  Write them down!
3.  Rank Them!  I can hear you now “this is getting worse!”. Trust the process.  I’ll post my list below.  Promise.  Assign a number from 0 – 10 for each feature you listed.  Zero meaning “most content” and 10 “least content”
4.  Examine your body.  Stand in front of that mirror.  It’s time to re-frame your thinking. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.  Visualize the body part you are most satisfied with for about 15 seconds, then re-focus your breath.  Open those eyes and look at that part for 15 seconds.  Resume your relaxed breathing.
5.  Think about it!  Open your eyes.  Look at that body part again, consider what it does for you.  Take a moment to appreciate what it does for you. 
6.  Neutralize Negative Thoughts!!  If it’s hard to feel thankful for an area as you make your way through your list, shift your reaction.  So instead of saying my stomach is disgusting, turn it neutral, focus on the shape, my stomach is round.  Then close your eyes and focus again on your breathing.
7.  Go down your list.  Repeat steps 4-6 for each body area.  Treating each area with care and respect.  Its ok to spread this activity out over a few days if its just too much for one day.  Take time to give your body the positive attention it deserves.. 
 (Taken from Weight Watchers Weeky February 26-March 4, 2017) 
So…my list.  Here it goes.   
0. Lips
1. Eyes
2. Hair
3. Chin
4. Hands
5. Stomach
6. Butt
7. Legs (in general)
8. Thighs
9. Calves
10. Arms
It’s hard.  It’s hard to appreciate your body, especially when you’re feeling awful about yourself.  But making a list like this allows you to focus on what you feel to be “good” qualities.  Many times one of the things you hate the most about yourself is what someone wishes they had.

I read a story on Facebook on a page that I follow about two women attending a yoga class.  Each with very different body types.  The teller of the story says to the other woman how envious she was of her strong legs.  After the class the other woman came up to the storys author and said ” I’ve always hated my legs, I’ve never received any positive feedback about them in my life.  I’ve always wanted legs like yours”.  The author replies “You mean this chicken scrawny legs?  Like two sticks walking?  I’d give anything for a full booty and legs like you have”.  They both laughed, hugged and left the conversation feeling newly empowered about a body part they both hated about themselves.This is a great example of how the very thing you wish you have, someone else is wishing it away.


Think. Feel. Do.

Think.  Feel.  Do.
“Your thoughts are powerful.”
“Get to know them better and make them work for you.”
During the meeting we discussed how when you have a thought it elicits a feeling that is usually following by an action.  Your thinking style really determines how the other two play out.  In the meeting booklet it gave a short quiz to help you determine your thinking style.  The intention of the quiz is to then learn from your thinking style, learn how to change the unhelpful thoughts into a positive spin.  For example instead of when you eat that piece of cake or candy bar saying to yourself that you blew it and stop tracking, you can spin it around and own the fact you ate the cake, track it and move on!
This meeting topic hit home for me because I was totally guilty of eating like crap and either not tracking it or spiraling into eating more junk.  Now I track everything.  Even if it was what some would think is a horrible points day, I track it.  I own everything I eat.  I shouldn’t be ashamed at what I ate and by tracking it it gives me the accountability to look back and know why the scale didn’t move in the direction I expected that week.