Week Four

Week four is over and I feel like I’ve got better control of what I’m eating and holding myself accountable by tracking every bite, lick and taste. When you are completely honest with yourself and track everything, it really makes you think twice about what you eat. 
I’m excited for this weeks loss of 3lbs, making it a total of 5.6 for the month! That’s a little more than a pound a week. That’s a good start and this next month I think will get even better. Not swapping my activity points is a good plan for now. This keeps me from abusing that hard work I’ve put in. The bonus points should be enough for food splurges. 
Here’s to another great week!🍸

Week Two….Lesson Learned

Week two is complete. Gained this week. Two pounds to be exact. I learned a few lessons. First is diet cheat day…not for people starting out. Having diet cheat day two days in a row. Giant mistake. I don’t have much self control when it comes to not splurging. I’m working on that. Second is this week I’m not swapping activity points. I logged in and shut that off. Otherwise I’m adding more movement in for nothing. I’m eating what I’m burning and that defeats the point. Third is I need to plan a little better. I seem to leave myself stranded for dinner time points. Then I break into the bonus points, then the activity points. 
Now for the positives. I earned 38 Activity Points for the week. I’m pretty impressed by that. I did an Actove a Link assessment to see where my current “activity level” is and when you’re in the assessment, you kind of just do business as usual. Which I did. The end of my assessment was Tuesday, so on Wednesday I stepped up my activity by taking a walk after work at the park. Then Thursday on lunch I took a walk instead of running errands like I usually do. So that helped me reach my point target for the day. I’ve been drinking more water. I’ve been keeping up with my August Water Challenege. I’ve been making better choices for lunch and dinner and packing my meals everyday for work. I also didn’t go to the vending machine at all for the last two weeks at all. 
So even though I had a gain this week, I’m not going to let that get me down. I see where I made mistakes and I’m making changes this week so I won’t make them again. Now, with that said, it’ll be a little tough since I’m on vacation this week! It’s a stay-cation, but…I’m home and it’s less structured than bringing my lunch bag to work everyday. Maybe I’ll still pack my bag and commit to eat from there. 
So my goals for this next week are:
1. Keep moving-making sure I hit my Activity goal everyday
2. Keep up with the water
3. No trading of activity points 
4. Plan for the next day-every morning 
Wish me luck!🍀

Week One…Complete

Well. Week one. Always the hardest when you’re making a change. Especially when you’re a foodie like myself and when I say foodie, I mean junk foodie. Guilty. I’ve been drinking more water, moving more and watching my portion sizes. Tough to do when you’ve been on a food free-for-all for the last month.  So after making just the one small change of being accountable for what I eat and sharing it with all of you, I lost 3.2lbs this week. I’m very excited and having such a great first week definitely gives me the motivation to keep going. 

I started a WW Active Link Challenge this week as well. This way I can get a clear picture of what my current activity level is and how to add more activity in. I can’t even wrap my head around fitting time in for exercise right now, BUT, if I want to be successful I will need to find time.

Today also marks the beginning of a new month and I’ll be starting a new challenge for the blog as well. I’m doing a 31 Day August Water Challenge. I need to drink more water. Plain and simple. This water challenge couldn’t be any easier. No squats required on this one. Join me, I’d love the support!