Get Happy

Boost your everyday joy – it can help you live healthier and lose weight.
Let’s face it when we’re happy everyday tasks seem easier, the day seems brighter, our loved ones seem awesome, all is right with the world, right? It gets better! Happiness not only affects how we feel but what we do, who knew right?! Studies have shown that Happy people make better choices overall. That means better food choices and getting out there to move more. You have more energy. You engage socially. You are more likely to perform more “good for you actions”, like eating more nutritious food and getting more rest-because of more activity!
“Happy is as Happy does”. Although half of our tendency towards happiness is genetic, another 10% from our environment and the remaining 40% is determined by what we do. You can choose to do things that make you happy. Small things can make a big difference. Even taking a moment to take in that sunrise or sunset while you’re out and about or noticing that beautiful flower in the lawn. Studies continue to show that listing and reflecting on positive things that happen during your day, you can greatly increase your happiness.
An activity from the Weight Watchers Weekly is to write down “3 Good Things”. In addition to choosing to do things that make you happy, try taking 5 minutes to notice and record everyday goodness and beauty. It can shift your outlook.
  • Think about 3 good things that happened in the last 24 hours. The smell of coffee brewing ALWAYS hits my list!
  • Write each one down with as much detail as possible. Who said what and where. This helps to anchor the memory in your mind.
  • Note how you felt during the event and afterwards as you remember it.
Source- Weight Watchers Weekly August 20-26 2017

Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Knowing the truth about common beliefs can help you succeed.
Weight loss myths, everyone’s heard them, everyone’s tried a few and some of us truly believe a few are true!  I know I’ve fell into some of the weight loss myths myself and the fallout is usually not pretty. They’ve been around since the beginning of people working to lose weight. These myths “masquerade as truths”. “Some of them are passed through generations such as don’t eat after 8pm while others linger on from outdated science (fat free craze of the 80’s). And still others offer that magic bullet that promises to shed those pounds effortlessly”.
“Believing and following myths can hold you back. And it’s not always easy to separate fact from fiction. But remember the golden rule – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”
Here are some of the most common “tall tales” of weight loss and the “simple truth” behind them.
  1. Myth – “Some foods can boost your metabolism”. Fact –  “There’s no evidence that any food or drink can raise your metabolism in the long run. Green tea and hot peppers are often touted as such, but you’d have to eat such large quantities to get a tiny momentary metabolism boost. (Eating breakfast doesn’t boost your metabolism either..sorry folks).
  2. Myth – You shouldn’t eat after 8pm. Fact – “Your body is working 24/7 even while you’re sleeping.” If your following a weight loss plan (Weight Watchers or any other) and meeting your fitness goals then it really doesn’t matter when you eat. “The only caveat of that is that sometimes it’s best to not go long stretches without eating simply because you may overeat when you finally do have something. 
  3. Myth – “Eat certain foods to flatten your belly”.  Fact – “another IF ONLY myth. There’s no scientific evidence that any food by itself can flatten your belly. Sticking to your calorie and fitness goals will help you lose weight all over.”
  4. Myth – “You should cut out carbs”. Fact – ” cutting an entire food category can deprive you of foods you like and important nutrients you need. In the long run this restriction can cause you to overcompensate and possibly overdo it. A better plan is to eat a variety of foods you enjoy-for life-not just while trying to lose weight. Include your favorites so it feels like a lifestyle rather than a diet. 
  5. Myth – Losing weight will wreck my metabolism. Fact – a safe rate of weight loss can help your body adjust to and help sustain weight loss over time. Losing large amounts of weight quickly may trigger your body’s preservation mode which CAN affect your metabolism. It’s true that you need fewer calories as you lose, your metabolism is now supporting a smaller body.
These are just a few of the most popular myths out there. There are also plenty of schools of thought when it comes to the “ideal” time to workout and if you should workout before or after eating. The fact of the matter there is only you know your body. You should always listen to what your body is telling you because chances are it’s not going to steer you wrong. What’s good for me when it comes to eating and working out very well not be the ideal for you. Getting “in tune” with your body and it’s cues is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Source – Weight Watchers Weekly August 13-19 2017

Sunday Vibes

So I missed the last two week’s Sunday Vibes because I was  in vacation mode. I’m back at it this week and I also need to get back to tracking again. I didn’t track all vacation and although according to my home scale I stayed about the same, I still have goals to lose weight.
In order to get back on track my plan for today is to meal plan for the upcoming week. Get back in the meeting room and also begin walking during the weekdays. I’m officially cleared to swim and lift over 10lbs as of September 1st. I hit the meeting room yesterday morning for the first time since August 6th and was up .8. I’m not stressing because I have a plan.
I’ve also got some business goals for myself this fall. I’m dabbling with an Etsy shop for my crafts-such as the rock painting hobby I took up while on vacation and the jewelry stamping I’ve been making as personal gifts the last few months.  The shop is up and running with a handful of listings as well as a Facebook page and Instagram.  I’ve been looking for something to fill the need to “do something of my own” and I’m hoping this is it. Not to mention having a little extra cash in my pocket is never a bad thing. I also plan to spend some time on the kindness rock project-where you place your painted rocks out and about in the community for others to find. They can then keep them to re-hide them for another person to find. A friend added me to a local Facebook group where they post the rocks they hide and find but I may set up something for myself so I’m able to manage the drama, as with any FB group there’s drama – I’ve only been a part of the group for a few days and see it already.  I don’t need or want any extra stress in my life. Especially over painted rocks.
Back to reality these past two weeks is an understatement, with hubby scrambling to make up work from vacation, kids doctors appointments and back to school prep, then back to school-I’m hoping we all settle back in quickly by the end of this week.
Have a great week and I’ll also be getting back to my “Try it Tuesday” and hopefully adding “Foodie Friday” where I share the recipes I’ve tried.
xoxo Jenn

Focus on Fun

Choose physical activity that you enjoy-
It can help you succeed at weight loss!
In the meeting room during the last week of July we talked about focusing on fun. Making your movement goals by doing things you enjoy rather than by doing what you think you should do. My leader gave a great example of how to have fun while earning fit points, she had us all stand up and we did the hokey pokey! It proved that just having fun or doing something silly still counts as earning activity points. We all traded stories about the last time we “had fun” or “played”. For some it was gardening, furniture restoration or another hobby. For others like myself, it was doing things with our children. I gave the example of a family hike or walk and playing with James (my youngest) in the sprinkler.
The Weight Watchers Weekly on this topic reminds you to “Move the way you love! Swapping an it’s good for me mentality for an it feels good to me mentality can open up a new world!” When you chose to do activities you enjoy over ones you feel you “should”, you’re more likely to stick with them and do them more often. “Instead of focusing on distant or vague goals that make exercise a means to an end, keep the pleasure principal up front. Choose activities that feel like something nice you’re doing for yourself as an end goal in itself. Michelle Segar, PHD has found that when you’re motivated to move for pleasure, you’re less tired and in better spirits afterwards and you even tend to make healthier food choices!!”
Weight Watchers Weekly also recommends Dr. Segar’s book No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness. I’m going to add it to my reading wish list.

My goal is to be more present for my kids. Spend more time outdoors with them. Engaging with them. It’s my priority during our family vacation to Maine this summer!  I’ll report back with my progress and with pictures to prove it! What do you do to motivate yourself to move?

Sunday Vibes

So as I take a look back at my week, overall I had a good one. I ate when I was hungry and made mindful choices. I tracked each and everyday using both the Weight Watchers app and My Fitness Pal. What’s kind of crazy is how on days that were out of sight for points on Weight Watchers weren’t bad calorie/nutrient wise on My Fitness Pal. I haven’t been drinking enough water. That I do know. I have a personal goal of 120oz per day and I’ve been averaging about half of that so I’d like to step it up on that end. Not eating sweets has been an intermittent problem for me over this past week. However I was able to satisfy the cravings with some mini marshmallows. 
One thing I’ve noticed this week is I’m feeling a little down, emotionally. I’ve been recovering remarkably well from my gallbladder surgery and I am thankful for that. Right now I’m only taking Tylenol and Motrin as needed, which is rarely. I am able to move around fairly well with only moderate pain when getting in and out of bed and my incisions have healed up nicely. I haven’t really left the house, by choice. Which is a classic beginning to spiraling into feeling depressed. Being restricted by not only my body but the doctor is tough. I’m used to doing so many things without assistance. Now I have to ask with most of my daily tasks. So a lot of the time they just aren’t being done because I only like to ask for help on something once, otherwise I feel like a nag.   I’m looking forward to continuing to heal and just need to hang in there for a few more weeks until all my restrictions are lifted. 
My goal for next week is to leave the house. Just get out and for more than to the grocery. My husband and oldest son are heading to Boy Scout Camp this morning for the week so it’ll be just me and the little guy for the week. So I’ll only need to be responsible for the two of us. I know to take it easy, but getting out and about cannot be an option. I’ve been down this road before and I know the signs so it’s time to take an exit and get off!
I’m looking forward to a great week because I’m going to make it one. No excuses.