What’s Your Why?

“Hold your motivation close – it can be a weight loss anchor”

Everyone has that one reason they decided to walk through the door to Weight Watchers or any other weight loss program they’re doing.  This is something I have heard in many places – when you know your why it makes the work you put in that much “easier”.  It’s true, it becomes your anchor.  The thing you go back to to remind yourself why you started in the first place. 

My “why” is to feel better and be a positive example to my boys.  I want to be able to play with them in the yard or any other thing they want to do.  I want to want to do these things too.  Life is too short not to do all the things.  I was reminded in November how quickly your life can change when my son had his accident.  I don’t want to look back at all the things I should have done with my family.

Think. Feel. Do.

Think.  Feel.  Do.
“Your thoughts are powerful.”
“Get to know them better and make them work for you.”
During the meeting we discussed how when you have a thought it elicits a feeling that is usually following by an action.  Your thinking style really determines how the other two play out.  In the meeting booklet it gave a short quiz to help you determine your thinking style.  The intention of the quiz is to then learn from your thinking style, learn how to change the unhelpful thoughts into a positive spin.  For example instead of when you eat that piece of cake or candy bar saying to yourself that you blew it and stop tracking, you can spin it around and own the fact you ate the cake, track it and move on!
This meeting topic hit home for me because I was totally guilty of eating like crap and either not tracking it or spiraling into eating more junk.  Now I track everything.  Even if it was what some would think is a horrible points day, I track it.  I own everything I eat.  I shouldn’t be ashamed at what I ate and by tracking it it gives me the accountability to look back and know why the scale didn’t move in the direction I expected that week.