I’m Still Here!

I know I haven’t been posting. I had a million and one excuses as to why I haven’t posted. But the real talk reason is I’ve been stuck in my head so much that I haven’t really wanted to post anything. But now…I need to rant. (Also, just to put it out there – I’m not looking for any “miracle diets”. I just want to complain. I know what I need to do. My mind and probably my thyroid have other plans,)

I’ve been doing the second round of Beachbody’s Liift4 and I’m definitely getting stronger. I actually just finished today! My results aren’t what I dreamed them to be. I, like everyone else, expect immediate results and expect them to be dramatic. Obviously neither of those things happened. This time around I did take a before and after picture. I also took measurements and kept track of my weights. The freaking measurements didn’t change! WTF

I’m annoyed. I know my food is less than on point. But I also know it hasn’t been horrible. I’ve never been successful at restricting my diet. But I have been choosing my calories more thoughtfully. I hoped that my exercise and better food choices would have made a difference. Agh!

So my next move? Learn to stop judging myself. Seriously. Because I’ve been hypercritical of myself. When I don’t look in the mirror I’m happy with what I see. Happy with what my minds wye pictures. But as soon as I catch my reflection I’m brought back to all the negativity. How do you change that? How do you look in the mirror and appreciate what you see? I hate having all these insecurities. I hide them as best as I can but the mean girl in my head is LOUD!

I wish I had the ability to have a trainer, to kick my ass and push the extra discipline I need. It’s just not in the cards for me right now. So I need to keep trying my best at home and with one class a week at the gym.

Here goes nothing. On to another program this week. I haven’t decided which one….. I need to do some quick research so I can start in the morning.

Here are my before and after photos before I go. I figure I took them, so I might as well share them.

Pray for a miracle this time around for your girl! Haha

What’s Your Why?

Tap into your personal motivation to reach your goals!

This is by far one of my favorite quotes, it’s one that Jillian Michael’s mentions many times during her workouts.  It sticks with me, because it’s very true.  “When you know your why, you can endure any how”.  It gets me through my 6am workouts EVERYDAY, everyday.  I wake up some days and think to myself, I should just sleep in, I can do this later, I can skip a day, but then I hear this in my head- I’m reminded I can do this if I want to hit my goals.  I like the way it makes me feel to hit those fitness goals each morning.  closing those Apple Watch Rings every day.

The meeting room topic on this went over the fact that we all know what we want to do….lose weight and keep it off!  But it’s also important to know why you want to do it.  What’s propelling you to make a change?  What pushed you to start your journey?  What is the positive outcome you’re envisioning?  The more detailed your “why” and the more you are able to visualize it, the more powerful it can be.  In Weight Watchers, they give us an opportunity to renew our “why” every 16 weeks when we get a new Success Story Book- where they plug in our weight information weekly.  I’ve been at this leg of my weight loss journey for just over a year.  My “why” has been the same each quarter – “To be an example for my children.  To be more active with them, teaching them to never give up”.  This time around they also had a larger area of us to fill in our “beyond the scale goals”.  I’ve shared a picture of both of these on my Instagram & Facebook page.
If you’re starting off on your Weight Loss journey or renewing the inspiration – take the time to create a clear picture of what your success looks like and take time to reflect on it frequently.  It can help you remain focused and motivated.  IF you’ve been on your journey for a while – check in with your why.  Checking in can help you recommit to your reasons or revise them as needed.

Keep your “why” close by.  Here’s an activity from the Weight Watcher’s Weekly on this topic, it will help you find your “why”.  It can help you stay focused for the long term.  Once you define and visualize your “why”, revisit it regularly, since it may change along your journey.  Use these steps to bring it to life for yourself.

  1. Answer off the top of your head.  Why do you want to lose weight? 
  2. Go into detail.  What does that look like to you?  How would your life be different?
  3. Make it yours.  Using your answers from 1 and 2, ask yourself again – Why do I want to lose weight?  Take your time, then answer in a specific, personal and positive way.

Connect with your “why” often – especially when you face challenges.  It’s a powerful reminder of what brought you to begin this weight loss journey.

Another way that you can do this is create a vision board.  This is a very popular way to manifest any goal.  So imagine if you used a vision board as a tool to manifest your weight loss?  Finding imagines that remind you of your why or a clothing sixe you might want to wear.  How about healthy foods?  Workouts you want to try?  There are so many ideas of what you can add to a vision board to help you visualize those goals!  Please share them with me on my Facebook page, showing me what you use to motivate yourself.

Get Happy

Boost your everyday joy – it can help you live healthier and lose weight.
Let’s face it when we’re happy everyday tasks seem easier, the day seems brighter, our loved ones seem awesome, all is right with the world, right? It gets better! Happiness not only affects how we feel but what we do, who knew right?! Studies have shown that Happy people make better choices overall. That means better food choices and getting out there to move more. You have more energy. You engage socially. You are more likely to perform more “good for you actions”, like eating more nutritious food and getting more rest-because of more activity!
“Happy is as Happy does”. Although half of our tendency towards happiness is genetic, another 10% from our environment and the remaining 40% is determined by what we do. You can choose to do things that make you happy. Small things can make a big difference. Even taking a moment to take in that sunrise or sunset while you’re out and about or noticing that beautiful flower in the lawn. Studies continue to show that listing and reflecting on positive things that happen during your day, you can greatly increase your happiness.
An activity from the Weight Watchers Weekly is to write down “3 Good Things”. In addition to choosing to do things that make you happy, try taking 5 minutes to notice and record everyday goodness and beauty. It can shift your outlook.
  • Think about 3 good things that happened in the last 24 hours. The smell of coffee brewing ALWAYS hits my list!
  • Write each one down with as much detail as possible. Who said what and where. This helps to anchor the memory in your mind.
  • Note how you felt during the event and afterwards as you remember it.
Source- Weight Watchers Weekly August 20-26 2017

Value Yourself

No matter what the scale says!
Well then! What’s funny to me is the timing of this post.  This was the meeting room topic at Weight Watchers for May 28-June 3, HOWEVER, I need this today!  I am taking this mornings weigh in to heart and I’m taking it hard.  I know that if I go back and have a good look at what went down last week with food I would be able to recognize it right away.  I’ve been hiding under the belief that you can run from the scale (working out, then validating your food) and I also know deep down that you cant do that.
Last week I posted on my Facebook page a video of two friends reading their lists of horrible things they have said to themselves about their body and body image.  These friend then had to read each the lists out loud and direct them to each other.  It was hard to watch because I know how guilty I am of this.   We all know we are our own worst enemies when it comes to the way we perceive ourselves.  Some days are better than others when I’m trying to talk myself out of body shamming.  I try and hear the positive things that others have said to me or spin my thinking to a positive.  Such as when I was running last week and I ran by a crowd of people, the first thing that popped into my head was “man they must think I look ridiculous!”, but then I heard my WW leader, Donna, in my head when she spoke about when she say someone that was running in her neighborhood one day, someone that you may not call “fit”.  She said “I thought to myself wow, look at that person go, while I know I’m going home to sit on my couch!”.  I was able to switch my thoughts that morning to “hey I’m jogging and they’re just sitting there”.  I wish I could do this more often and I hope to as I get more practice at it.
The Weight Watchers Weekly on this subject discussed how you need to remember that the number on the scale doesn’t define you.  It’s just one of the many factors that describe you (like your eye or hair color).  Putting it simply, it means that your self worth shouldn’t be connected to how much you weigh.  There are so many reasons to value who you are.  How it helps is to recognize and appreciate yourself as a complex, interesting and loving person-rather than only as an “overweight” person.  This can have amazing physical and emotional payoffs.  People who have a healthy self esteem are more likely to take better care of their bodies, adopting healthy behaviors and engaging in less unhealthy behaviors, like overeating.  When your self esteem is high, you re also more likely to have a better body image – which in turn can boost your ability to lose weight.  Ultimately feeling good about yourself can make it easier for you to move forward.
An exercise they put in the WW Weekly was “what to do:see yourself through in loving eyes”.  You might think that criticizing yourself and being hard on yourself helps, but in turn it makes the journey harder because it hurts.  Seeing yourself the way a friend, relative or maybe even a stranger does, with love and appreciation rather than criticism and judgment.
THINK – about someone in your life who cares about you.
FOCUS – on that person for a minute and describe them in words and pictures.  What do they look like? Height? Eye color? Hair? Do they smile a lot? Do they have a soft or loud voice? Personality?
CONSIDER– what makes this person special to you.  Does thinking of this person make you happy?  Excited? Loving?  How do they make you feel?
IMAGINE –  that you are this person who loves you and start to see yourself through their eyes.  What do you like about this person you see?  Write down your thoughts, feeling s and behaviors you love about yourself.

COME BACK – to yourself and read what you wrote.  Notice the growing appreciation you feel fro yourself.

I really need to do this for myself.  Take some time to find the positives in my journey thus far.  I know there are more than I think.  I just need to stay positive and trust that eventually things will start moving in the right direction.  I just need to get the momentum going!


Spring Into Action

“Welcome the season by exploring fresh ways to be active!”
At this weeks meeting we started a new challenge.  From March 5th  – April 15th, come to 4 out of 6 weeks of the challenge to a meeting and get a Spring Up Award!  Who doesn’t love a new charm for their key ring?  I know I do!  My personal goal is 6 out of 6.
Now with all that “welcome the season” talk, anyone that lives in New England knows Mother Nature has been on a tail spin when it comes to weather so it’s hard to imagine that spring is actually just about 10 days from today.  Especially since they’re talking about 2 different snow storms here in CT.  Regardless Spring is coming and I know I’m excited.  I’ve taken advantage of some of those spring like days we’ve had to get some walking in.  Especially since my aggressive workout plan was stopped in its tracks when I had a fall down the stairs a few weeks ago.  Fortunately I only ended up with a badly busied tailbone and nasty scratch on my back.  It forced me to slow down a bit, but walking was still possible.  
Recent research suggests that spending time in nature can help you to feel restored and less stressed.The greater your overall well being, the more likely you are to eat better, sleep better and be more active.  
For me April brings spring break from the kid’s school and I enjoy taking them to the zoo.  It’s great to be outdoors and they love it.  It gives us our first taste of Spring.  I try to plan as many outdoor activities as the weather permits.  When the end of April, beginning of May hits, it turns into gardening season.  My all time favorite.  I love tending to all my plants and making my yard look beautiful.  The struggle for me is not spending too much money on new plants!
Get out there when the weather is nice and enjoy that SUNSHINE! Summer follows close behind!