I’m Still Here!

I know I haven’t been posting. I had a million and one excuses as to why I haven’t posted. But the real talk reason is I’ve been stuck in my head so much that I haven’t really wanted to post anything. But now…I need to rant. (Also, just to put it out there – I’m not looking for any “miracle diets”. I just want to complain. I know what I need to do. My mind and probably my thyroid have other plans,)

I’ve been doing the second round of Beachbody’s Liift4 and I’m definitely getting stronger. I actually just finished today! My results aren’t what I dreamed them to be. I, like everyone else, expect immediate results and expect them to be dramatic. Obviously neither of those things happened. This time around I did take a before and after picture. I also took measurements and kept track of my weights. The freaking measurements didn’t change! WTF

I’m annoyed. I know my food is less than on point. But I also know it hasn’t been horrible. I’ve never been successful at restricting my diet. But I have been choosing my calories more thoughtfully. I hoped that my exercise and better food choices would have made a difference. Agh!

So my next move? Learn to stop judging myself. Seriously. Because I’ve been hypercritical of myself. When I don’t look in the mirror I’m happy with what I see. Happy with what my minds wye pictures. But as soon as I catch my reflection I’m brought back to all the negativity. How do you change that? How do you look in the mirror and appreciate what you see? I hate having all these insecurities. I hide them as best as I can but the mean girl in my head is LOUD!

I wish I had the ability to have a trainer, to kick my ass and push the extra discipline I need. It’s just not in the cards for me right now. So I need to keep trying my best at home and with one class a week at the gym.

Here goes nothing. On to another program this week. I haven’t decided which one….. I need to do some quick research so I can start in the morning.

Here are my before and after photos before I go. I figure I took them, so I might as well share them.

Pray for a miracle this time around for your girl! Haha

Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Knowing the truth about common beliefs can help you succeed.
Weight loss myths, everyone’s heard them, everyone’s tried a few and some of us truly believe a few are true!  I know I’ve fell into some of the weight loss myths myself and the fallout is usually not pretty. They’ve been around since the beginning of people working to lose weight. These myths “masquerade as truths”. “Some of them are passed through generations such as don’t eat after 8pm while others linger on from outdated science (fat free craze of the 80’s). And still others offer that magic bullet that promises to shed those pounds effortlessly”.
“Believing and following myths can hold you back. And it’s not always easy to separate fact from fiction. But remember the golden rule – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”
Here are some of the most common “tall tales” of weight loss and the “simple truth” behind them.
  1. Myth – “Some foods can boost your metabolism”. Fact –  “There’s no evidence that any food or drink can raise your metabolism in the long run. Green tea and hot peppers are often touted as such, but you’d have to eat such large quantities to get a tiny momentary metabolism boost. (Eating breakfast doesn’t boost your metabolism either..sorry folks).
  2. Myth – You shouldn’t eat after 8pm. Fact – “Your body is working 24/7 even while you’re sleeping.” If your following a weight loss plan (Weight Watchers or any other) and meeting your fitness goals then it really doesn’t matter when you eat. “The only caveat of that is that sometimes it’s best to not go long stretches without eating simply because you may overeat when you finally do have something. 
  3. Myth – “Eat certain foods to flatten your belly”.  Fact – “another IF ONLY myth. There’s no scientific evidence that any food by itself can flatten your belly. Sticking to your calorie and fitness goals will help you lose weight all over.”
  4. Myth – “You should cut out carbs”. Fact – ” cutting an entire food category can deprive you of foods you like and important nutrients you need. In the long run this restriction can cause you to overcompensate and possibly overdo it. A better plan is to eat a variety of foods you enjoy-for life-not just while trying to lose weight. Include your favorites so it feels like a lifestyle rather than a diet. 
  5. Myth – Losing weight will wreck my metabolism. Fact – a safe rate of weight loss can help your body adjust to and help sustain weight loss over time. Losing large amounts of weight quickly may trigger your body’s preservation mode which CAN affect your metabolism. It’s true that you need fewer calories as you lose, your metabolism is now supporting a smaller body.
These are just a few of the most popular myths out there. There are also plenty of schools of thought when it comes to the “ideal” time to workout and if you should workout before or after eating. The fact of the matter there is only you know your body. You should always listen to what your body is telling you because chances are it’s not going to steer you wrong. What’s good for me when it comes to eating and working out very well not be the ideal for you. Getting “in tune” with your body and it’s cues is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Source – Weight Watchers Weekly August 13-19 2017

What’s your SUPERPOWER?

Get to know your strengths-they can help you lose!

When we discussed this in the meeting room, it was the week I was in a major funk.  It was the day I almost quit.  I didn’t pick much up that day in the meeting room because I was too deep inside my own head to hear it.  But now that I’ve gone back to my weekly in a much better frame of mind, I’ve put some thought into it.

According to Weight Watchers Weekly, it’s the traits – kindness, resilience, generosity, loyalty that make you who you are.  I know, I know you didn’t need a WW Weekly to tell you that, but if you’re like me, you needed the reminder.  Sometimes all we see are out perceived weaknesses or limitations or we let the words that describe our physical selves define us.  But we are all more than curly hair or straight teeth. 

How this helps is by recognizing our personal strengths and tapping into them it may increase happiness and reduce depression.  In one study, people who identified their unique attribute and used it in a new way every day found longer lasting happiness than those who simply journal about happy memories.  Science has also shown that happier people make healthier choices. 

An activity in the WW Weekly was USE YOUR SUPERPOWER!! Here’s the outline:

DEFINE – Think about your strong points and what comes naturally to you and write down a strength you’d like to use this week. 

DESCRIBE – Describe how you’ll use that strength in a new way.

DEBRIEF – Afterward write in detail what you did and when and where you used it.  Note how you felt and what you took away from the exercise.

I determined that my “superpower” is determination.  I’ve been on this particular journey for a while and haven’t given up.  I am determined to succeed no matter how long it takes.  I used that determination to fuel last weeks weight loss and I will continue to use it going forward.  I won’t give up on this!!