Sunday Vibes

A day late, I totally missed Sunday!  I’m on vacation mode.  We’re in Maine on our annual family vacation.  We picked a really cute house that is large enough to accommodate my family of four, my sister’s family of three and my other sister and in-laws will be coming for a short stay towards the end of our ten day adventure.

When I left the house I said goodbye to my scale for the next ten days too!  I’m also going to take a break from tracking.  I will continue to post my meals as usual so I have some sort of an idea when I look back on what I ate.  My goals are simple for vacation.  Eat the best I can (I’m not cooking most of the time and sharing with people that eat very differently), not stressing if I make a less than great food choice, get 10K or more steps per day and drink water…plenty of water!  We have kayaks available all week and I’m looking forward to spending more time on the water using them.  I’m not allowed to do any swimming but kayaking is allowed!!  I took a mini paddle around the cove area yesterday and I loved it.  I really had a good time.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I do this week without my scale to “keep me in check”.  There’s marshmallows a plenty up here and we have a campfire every night so….that could be a problem if I’m not careful.  BUT…I will not obsess over it.

On Wednesday I have a blog post scheduled for “Focusing on Fun” and that is exactly what I’m going to do this week!  I’ll check in again next Sunday. 🙂

Sunday Vibes

So I’m still in the recovery stage of having gallbladder surgery. I met with the surgeon for my follow up, he said I’m healing well and I have no dietary restrictions. But I’m land bound for the next four weeks along with no lifting over 10lbs. It came as a setback for me because I really thought I’d be cleared to go swimming while I’m on vacation but I understand the reasoning as to why (I’m healed externally but internally I’m still healing and swimming it soaking could cause a reversal of external healing). I definitely don’t want that! So I’m allowed to go boating and anything else I feel up to. I had planned on trying kayaking for the first time.
Food wise, I’m just learning what works best for my body right now. I learned ice cream and I have to break up (which we were in a dicey relationship before this anyway) and sweets aren’t really my friend either. The doctor tells me that at the six week mark things should all feel back to normal again. I shouldn’t have anymore pain-which isn’t horrible right now, more annoying. It is reminiscent of when I broke my ribs and just had discomfort all day. Night time can be a struggle sometimes. So I’ve been binge watching Netflix in bed at night lol.
I’m trying to stay as active as possible, my goal is to close my calorie burn goal daily on my Apple Watch, along with my stand goal. I’ll wait until September to get back into an exercise routine. Which will be good since the kids will be back in school. I had wanted to do another 5K this summer, but I don’t think that’s a good idea right now. But maybe I can catch one on the fall instead.
I met my goal for simply leaving the house this week. I took a ride to the outlet malls on Tuesday and on Wednesday I took James to a local nature center, then to visit my husband and older son at Boy Scout Camp. This next week will be busy, but my goal is to once again get out of the house and get some sunshine in my life. Nate is going back to sleepover camp next week so it’ll be just James and I again this week.
I’m heading to Weight Watchers this morning for my August weigh in and meeting. Now that I’m on weekly pay, as I mentioned in a prior post, I’ll be switching to going on the first Sunday of every month. I’m hoping that this will take some of the pressure off and break the cycle I was on every week. I may hit one more meeting at the end of August so I can get my attendance charm for the summer promotion, because I’m motivated my bling for my key ring haha.
So to recap my goals for this upcoming week-
1. Stress less and remember that what I’m experiencing is just a temporary setback.
2. Drink 120oz of water daily
3. Continue tracking every day
4. Get out of the house for sometime fun at least 2X
5. Get out for a walk of some sort daily-to start getting some sort of exercise.
Here’s to next week!

Sunday Vibes

So on my way home from my meeting this morning I decided to dust off a blog post that i used to do at the beginning of each week that reflects upon what I feel i did right and I what I feel I could do better in the coming week.  For some reason I stopped doing that, but I starting again today.  I think it’s a good tool for me to look back upon and if it helps someone else along the way?  Even better!

Something else that has been on my mind a lot lately is my own feeling of “non-success” with attending weight watchers meetings.  Now I know there are going to be plenty of people that say “stick with it” but I should say that I’m not giving up on the program, but I am going to tailor it to me.   So over the past six months I’ve religiously attended my Sunday morning Weight Watchers meetings.  I love how the meeting feels.  I love the new people I’ve met.  However during these past six months what I haven’t done is lost  much.  I have lost inches and I’ve lost a little over ten pounds.  But in the realness of it all, it should have been more.  Much more.  I don’t blame the program.  The program works, when you work it.  I haven’t been working it.  I’ve been falling into the same trap week after week-

Sunday – Weigh in, feel great after leaving the meeting, then go home and eat like I’m going to the chair.
Monday – It has become like a repeat performance of Sunday.  I hit the grocery every Monday and always buy myself a treat.  I try to stay on course, but never do.
Tuesday – Not usually as bad as Sunday and Monday, because the guilt is starting to set in.  But the points never look good when I log them in my tracker.
Wednesday – We’re half way through the week and now I’m beginning to panic.  I’ve been weighing myself every morning and the numbers never look in my favor come Wednesday.  I always say to myself on Wednesday “get it together Jenn”
Thursday – I’m trying to be good, I usually stay fairly close to my points, but I’m hungry.
Friday – I’m still sticking to my points, I’m still hungry and I’m counting the hours until Sunday after the meeting.  I can’t wait for the cycle to start again.
Saturday – You guessed it, I’m still hungry and usually I am damn near starving myself on Saturdays.  Saying to myself that I just need that number to go down.  That’s all I need.
Sunday – Here we are at weigh in day again and guess what the scale didn’t pop out that magical number that I somehow thought I deserved.  Shocking right? Especially after you know what my week looks like.

Now I have had many of my friends reach out and tell me what they’ve noticed from my Instagram food posts and what suggestions they have for me.  You know what?  They are all right on with what they say.  I’m not eating correctly.  I need to eat better.  I know this and I’m struggling hard to make this change, but I also LOVE food, I LOVE the wrong foods.  I need to learn how to develop a taste for the right ones.  I also need to stop finding excuses for not working out.  Because as the saying goes – someone that is far busier than I am has found the time to work out.

Now….some of this post I wrote prior to having my surprise surgery this past Tuesday to remove my gallbladder, but it pretty much holds true.  Although my relationship with food has changed a bit this week out of necessity and fear.  Who knows how long this will last, but I’m rolling with it while it does.  My plan going forward is to use the pay as you go method of Weight Watchers.  My prepaid membership expires on July 27th and I did not renew it.  I plan to attend the next two meetings to then get into a place where I can go on the first Sunday of every month for my “official weigh in”.  I’ll give this a try and see how it works.  It saves me some cash each month and will hopefully be a better fit matched with eating a little cleaner since my surgery. 

Here’s to a great week and I look forward to sharing my Sunday thoughts with you next week.  Please feel free to interact!  I love feedback, I really do!