Week One Complete

Well. Week one is complete of my cleanse. I’m feeling great. I’m not bloated. I’m not tired. No headaches. I feel amazing. 

I didn’t follow the directions completely. I couldn’t. I kept coffee each morning. I can’t human without coffee. I’ve head eggs, meat and I’ve had a few cheats. I had fudge with my kids while we were day tripping, I’ve had cheese because it’s wonderful (although our feelings aren’t mutual I’m afraid). 
I’ve found a new love – Strawberry and Avocado Smoothies with whey protein. It takes me a while to drink and keeps me full for hours.  
I’m wearing jeans this week that were too tight about a month ago. So. I’m excited to see where the rest of this cleanse and month go!

Day Ten, Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen

Apparently I’ve been slacking! Whoops, sorry for not posting daily life went ahead and got in the way again. I’ve been doing ok on the cleanse, but if I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve been eating some processed snacks that’s have no business eating-cleanse or not. Processed foods and sugars sure do have a tight hold on me. I’ve been able to give up pasta and bread-so why not the other stuff. It’s frustrating especially when I figured I’d easily drop 20lbs doing this cleanse and that is most definitely not the case. However lately the thought has crossed my mind that I’m simply not eating enough. So today I’ll be tracking my calorie intake, which I haven’t done since starting the cleanse. I’ll also be trying my very hardest not to eat anything on the “no eat” list today. I’ll be going to a family BBQ this afternoon with all the things that will tempt me. So we’ll see how it goes!

Here’s the meals from the past few days:

Day Four – Cleanse

Day four down. Feeling a little better about things today. Keeping lean proteins in has been helping me feel full longer. I snuck a bite of cheese today. I’m not sure if that what was gave me the massive stomach ache, but I won’t be sneaking cheese again for a while. Apparently I am a do it and learn the hard way kind of girl. 😁 

Here’s what was on the menu –

Day Two – Cleanse

Today was less stressful around the house so that helped me not want to snack on things I shouldn’t. No headaches today, however my energy was on the lower side. I got tired out quickly. I also ended up adding a protein at dinner time since I was feeling so lethargic. 

Here were some of the things I ate today, along with 2 SP smoothies. 
Half of an acorn squash baked with butter and paprika
Lentil soup
Hamburger with A1 sauce and whipped carrots and parsnips


Beginning Stats 21 Day Cleanse

Well. I am back at 209.2 as of this morning. I’m sure the pizza and bagels I consumed yesterday as part of my “last meals” didn’t help. 😁
Beginning stats-
Left Arm-15
Left Thigh-28
Left Calf-16.25
Body fat-37.5%