Week Two – 2021 Reset

I’m shocked. For real. I mean this is why I went back to Lori , but didn’t have enough belief in myself and my body that it would actually happen. Y’all. I lost 9 pounds last week.

N I N E P O U N D S !!

I did my best to follow plan. I did fairly well until Wednesday. On Tuesday night I had something weird, stressful happen – where a neighbor came over and basically had a mental episode on my doorstep where I needed to call the police. It was scary and I had residual anxiety the next day. So I ate a bunch of pizza rolls – why not stifle that anxiety with pizza rolls. Then I ate them again the next day too. If I think about it now, maybe I was trying to sabotage myself. Fear of success maybe? I was blown away when I arrived at my appointment and did my weigh in. I would have never have believed in myself enough to think it was possible.

Some things I noticed over this past week – I’m feeling less bloated and not overstuffed after eating. Sugar is still a daily battle and I’ve had a few slip ups there too, but I figure it’s week one and I still have a long way to go. It’s a struggle to say no to dessert every night, while my whole family chows down on ice cream – but I haven’t caved yet. I even swapped my pasta for zucchini last night while they had stuffed shells, I made zucchini roll ups instead. (Only having 2 shells of theirs).

I have my next check-in set up for this Friday. Fortunately Easter dinner isn’t a worry for me when it comes to overeating. I actually don’t like anything that gets served for dinner. I’m not a huge ham fan – so having a small portion is easy. I’m bringing a carrot dish to share, so I can focus on that. As far as dessert – I’ve gone this far taking a pass, what’s one more “no thanks”? I really want to hit my personal goal of being lean and healthy.

During my appointment my nutritionist had me set an actual weight goal-even though I really didn’t want to. I don’t want to get fixated on a number. Instead I really want to go with how I feel I look. I want to have visible arm muscles and trim off the arms that wave back at me. We agreed upon 180 as my goal weight. She asked if I thought it was attainable and I said yes, Back when I lost all my weight with Weight Watchers after having my first son – I got down to 160. I had no muscles to speak of and I struggled to stay that weight for weigh-ins. My body wanted to creep back up to 165-170 every time. I would really have to starve myself to make weight for lifetime. I don’t want to do that again. I have my annual physical in about 6 weeks and I’d love to roll in there at a healthier weight than I was last year.

Sorry I was late in writing this, the weekend got away from me. I’ll report back this Friday after my appointment!

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