Week One of being back…

How’s it going?


Not at all?

Kind of feels like it. I’ve been trying to cut out sugar – because I’m addicted. It’s hard. But I’m trying. I’ve done slightly better on my water intake and doing my best to not overeat. Making healthier choices. I’ve been tracking most of my meals to stay accountable.

I want this so badly. I really do. I’m sure I’m standing in my own way, but I also don’t know what I’m doing wrong that’s stopping any weight loss. I ordered one of those Everlywell kits for Metabolism. I figured it’s worth a shot to see if that gives me any new information. I’m not scheduled until May for my annual well visit, maybe it will give me information to give her. I’d love for there to be a good reason that I’m not losing weight other than it just being that I’m doing something wrong. I’m feeling slightly desperate over here! I ordered some new vitamins that I’m also hoping will support a healthy lifestyle.

As I circle back out of the pity party …

I’m just going to keep trying, keep tracking, keep drinking water. I’ll continue on with my morning walks and walking again in the afternoons to pick up Nate from the bus stop. I’ll check in again next week! Wish me luck!

4:30a walks

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