Day Nine

Day Nine was back to our morning routine. I got in my workout before getting Nate up and ready for his day. I dragged through my workout like I was half asleep. I’m fighting a bear of a cold. So these workouts seem twice as hard.

Monday’s are my grocery and planning day. So I quickly planned my menu for the week and made my list. If I don’t make a list when I go to the grocery, I end up leaving with a cart full of crap that I can’t make good dinners from. So my general rule is no list, no shopping.

I worked on my Etsy Shop and listed some new items before having to pick the kids up from school. Nate didn’t have clubs for some reason so it makes our Monday a little less stressful. Because James also has Cub Scouts on Monday nights.

I did stress bake some cookies this afternoon. Nate’s School and their communication stresses me out. We’re also working through some homework issues with him.

Not really exciting stuff happening here today. But I’m trying to stay consistent with writing. I was horrible with food today but decent with hydrating myself.

Day Njne Gratitude: having a flexible schedule that allows me to make last minute changes to fit the needs of my family.


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