Day Four

Is it possible that I’m starting to feel better?

At least today I did. I didn’t get to workout today – my husband was doing some work in the basement and my space was full of junk so I couldn’t get it done. At first I was annoyed, then I was ok with it. I figured – eh – this is the first workout I’ve missed in the whole program. No big deal. I did some crafty projects I put off for a while and ran a few errands.

Something I look forward to every evening is when I take our pet bunny out of his cage for his free time. He makes me so happy. He’s so stinking cute. We got him at the end of November and set up a secondary larger pen area in our living room for him to hop around in. This week I started letting him free roam for an hour before the kids bedtime. He loves it. I love it too.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on track with my morning workout – my workout space seems to be back in order. Then I’ve got some errands to run after school drop off, then back to school for a little birthday celebration. I’m lucky to have a great school for my little guy to go to.

Looking forward to keeping the pace with today’s mood tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Today’s gratitude: Fluffy (my bunny), who knew my aloof bunny could make me so happy.


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