Day One

As promised…here we go!

The rest of the day after my workout was fairly uneventful but I’ve settled on my action plan for tomorrow so that’s something right?

I plan to get back on track with 5am wake up and workout – even though there’s no school. I’m hopeful that will kick my day off in the right direction. During the day I have the usual laundry/housework I’ve put off – but then I’ve added cleaning the second floor of the clutter. This includes my office. I need to get back in the groove of work during the week – hopefully business will pick back up now that the holidays are over. I’ve also lost my mojo for my wood burning- my thought is clean office, clean workspace-creativity strikes?

Getting a grocery list and meal plan for shopping on Tuesday is on the agenda too. Nothing super interesting- however sharing will encourage me to follow through.

I’ll throw in one thing I’m thankful for each day –

Day One: The ability to see/feel something isn’t right and to start making changes to fix it.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Shrinking Gina. says:

    Hope your day has gone right and that you have managed to clear your office space, I’ve got as far as doing the shopping and I was going to cook and prep this afternoon but I think I will leave it till tomorrow lol.


    • Jenn Long says:

      I shut off the alarm in favor of more sleep but got in my workout and menu planned for the week. I’m feeling confident that I’m going to check off all the boxes today. Thank you!
      Cool & Prep is a huge undertaking-I don’t blame you for shifting it til tomorrow.

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