Find Small Ways To Move More

LITTLE-WAYSAdd a little here and there to your everyday activities and you can reap the benefits for mind, boy and mood.  Add activity to each day!

There’s good reason to get in more physical activity.  Ramping it up can improve your quality of life, lower your risk of diabetes and help you lose weight.

The solution is fairly simple, instead of re-working your whole day to carve out large chunks of time for a trip to the gym or do a workout video.  Look for ways you can change up your regular routine to add more movement in.  Some other good news- you can forget the notion that you must do all of your 30 minutes of activity together in the day for it to count.  Small bursts of activity here and there – like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can add up and contribute to the benefits of physical activity.

As you get in that extra movement throughout the day, give yourself credit!  No matter how small – an extra minute of walking or takin the groceries into the house one bag at a time (if your like me this one will never happen – I’m a one trip, carry it all, even if I die kind of girl – haha).  Such simple acts of attention can actually pay off: Research suggests that when people acknowledge their everyday physical activity and believe that it’s beneficial, they see greater improvements in their health (Yup, that includes weight loss), than those who neither acknowledge it nor expect health benefits as a result.

Here are a few ways to sneak in some activity during the day:

Go upstairs or downstairs to the next-nearest restroom.

Park in the farthest spot in the lot.

Do squats while prepping dinner.

Have a walking meeting with a friend or colleague.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Put extra flowers in the garden.

Lunge while your coffee brews or while you brush your teeth.

Pace while talking on the phone.



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