Bounce Back

Setbacks happen to all of us.  Here’s how to get back on track.

Whether you missed a Weight Watcher’s meeting, unplanned eating, skipping your morning walk, or not keeping track, lapses like these are temporary when you identify, accept, and move past them.

Thinking of a setback as a time when an old, unhelpful behavior change.  The good news?  A setback is also a sign of success.  The new behaviors that you’ve acquired have been established themselves that your old behaviors seem – just that – old and unhelpful.

To bounce back from a setback, ask yourself what you can learn and what you can change to ward off the setback again.  Then, turn to your support systems – online, meeting room, friends or family.  Having a support system to lean on during times that you feel you’ve gone off track is an important tool to have.  They can help you find your way out of a dark time and remind you that the bad time you’re having now, may not be nearly as bad as it was before you started your journey.

An exercise provided by the Weight Watcher’s Weekly on this topic is to write a letter to your future self.  When you have a setback, pull out your letter and read it to help you get right back on track.  If paper and pen isn’t your style, write an email or save it in the notes app on your phone.  Now, what should you say?

  • Remind yourself – that your setback is a normal part of the journey and has nothing to do with who you are.
  • Cheer the progress – you’ve already made, including any scale or non-scale victories you’ve achieved or are closing in on.
  • List who can help and how – family members or friends, your WW team or fellow members.
  • Set a plan for getting back on track – for example, if you find tracking has helped before, aim to track your next meal or two.  If sharing with others motivates you – share online.
  • On the envelope or subject line – write “open me when you _______” (ex – have a slip up, get on the struggle bus or feel stuck)
  • Read it when you need it – you could ask a friend to send it to you when they notice you’ve had a setback or if you think you might need an extra reminder of how awesome you’re really doing.
Check out my Instagram to see my letter to myself – HERE
Source – Weight Watchers Weekly March 11 – 17 2018

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