Enjoy Eating Out

Plan for stress-free, fun and delicious away from home dining, thanks to zero Points goods and rollovers, plus your digital tools.

Using WW Freestlye is all about being able to “live freely” – giving you the flexibility to enjoy social occasions with family and friends-the trick is a little planning.  We all know you can’t dictate the menus when you go out to eat or visit with family or friends, but there are things you can do before you go!  That way you’re prepared for anything – even family holidays.  Because eating out doesn’t have to mean a restaurant, it can mean eating anywhere other than your house.

So for us weight Watcher’s out there – we can bank our points for that special meal out.  We already have weeklies to spend, then add up to 4 unused SmartPoints values per day to that mix and you have a nice little bankroll to pull from for that meal out.  

Another thing that everyone that has been at this whole weight loss thing for a while know is that you decide ahead of time (if possible) on what you’d like to eat.  Most restaurants offer their menu online for viewing so you can take a look at what they offer so you can make an informed choice when you get to the restaurant.  You can settle on what you plan to eat, long before you sit in the seat!  Will you have a dessert, drink or both?  When you make the decision ahead of time , you can feel more confident than when you are “in the moment”.

Another great tool that many of us have at our disposal is calorie tracking apps.  for Weight Watcher’s subscribers there is the WW App, where you can look up many restaurants and see how many point s that dinner is going to be.  If you can’t find the restaurant or the exact meal you were looking for, many of these major chain restaurants also post their nutritional information on their websites, so you can also track from there.  Those nutritional sheets are frightening for most of my old favorites at the restaurant!

Then there’s another good tool – pregame your meal!  Eat a low SmartPoints snack (or low calorie for non-weight watchers peeps), if you have yourself a filling little snack before heading out to that meal you wont be ravenous on arrival at the restaurant.

Last but not least when it’s all said and done – the most important thing to remember when eating out is to keep in the back of your mind “it’s just one meal”.  If you can remember that, you’ll get through it, even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned.  The moments made with family and friends when sharing a meal are something that is far more important than how many calories you’ve consumed.  Knowing that you can get right back on your plan at the next meal is key and if you stick to that, then you’ve been successful because as one of my WW leaders once said – that was your plan – to enjoy yourself, then get right back on plan for the next meal.

What are your tips for mastering the task of eating anywhere but your home space?

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