Feedback from family and friends can make or break you. Support carries far, but sometimes the non-support takes up residence in your brain (squashing down that support you do receive).
My closest friends are always supportive. They’ve tailored meals served at an event for me, they continuously cheer me on while I struggle my way through this weight loss journey and don’t let me give up. But Family, oh family. Those folks can be the most challenging. Most of the time the people in my house are supportive. They eat the meals I cook for myself so I don’t have to cook multiple meals. They know that Friday’s and Saturday’s I am super strict with myself. However sometimes my family that doesn’t live here, they dismiss my efforts.
The best example and why it’s so fresh is a dinner with my parents this weekend. They really just don’t understand my weight loss struggle. They don’t understand why I can’t lose the weight quicker and keep it off. Why I can’t stop overindulging in food. They bring huge dinners, which usually are high in fat and carbs (my two favorite things lol) and a dessert – which is usually cake and ice cream. Now please don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with them and I’m appreciative of them coming to my place and bringing dinner. I can usually swing whatever meal comes my way because we have been getting together on Sundays. This week however we agreed to meet up on Saturday because of the potential snow clean up on Sunday-which is tough for them. When we discussed the plans for dinner which include lasagna, rolls and dessert – they acknowledged my preference for getting together on Sundays, since I weigh in Sunday morning. So the suggestion was made that I just “skip my meeting”. I don’t want to skip my meeting. I missed my meeting last week due to being out of town. I gain when I miss a meeting because I go off the rails all weekend. Instead of just Sunday, that’s exactly what I did last weekend. I ate chips all weekend like it was my job.
I reached out in my posts this past week and the support from friends has been invaluable to me. That’s where it’s at-finding a place you can reach out when you’re feeling alone. Finding a person that will support you no matter what. Everyone needs this. Emotional support.  The online community and meeting room community I’ve created for myself has been invaluable in this leg of my journey.  These are all like-minded folks who currently are or recently have fought all the demons that I am right now.
I want to hit my goals so badly, but the struggle in my head is just as tough as the struggle with food pushing family.  I recently watched the videos that I linked below.  They are Jennie’s story of her weight loss journey.  One of my leaders shared these videos on her Facebook page and some of the things she shared within her success story.  If you have the time to watch her stories it’s worth it, combined it’s about 20 minutes, but hearing someone’s success can help to boost your own.

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