Exploring Weight Watcher’s new program Freestyle.  How it gives you more flexibility to enjoy how you eat, move and lose!

So Weight Watchers tells us “Eat the foods you love!”  The newest program by Weight Watchers is their WW Freestyle.  It expands their zero point food list to allow you to eat satisfying, protein rich foods without tracking them.  The program also encourages you to move in ways that inspire you and give you joy. 

The WW Freestlye program continues to use their successful Smartpoints system to guide you towards making healthier choices, though no foods are off limits.  Each food has a SmartPoints value including that list of zero points food (that is currently over 200 items!).  Something else that is new is that you are able to carry over up to 4 unused points per day that go into you weekly SnartPoints budget.

Weight Watchers makes a few suggestions about working the new program to it’s fullest.  The first is to start with zero points base.  Layer the flavor with other zero Points foods.  Tie it all together using your SmartPoints budget.  Second is lean on those zero Point foods as a cushion.  If you run out dailies (which currently happens to me every day), create zero point meals and snacks to end your day within your budget.  The last is saving up your SmartPoints.  Pick foods that are lower in SmartPoints for breakfast and lunch to have more of your dailies available for dinner.

I tend to be a HUGE offender of overeating at breakfast.  The new program has helped me in the way that eggs are now zero points.  Which in my world is huge since they’re usually in my breakfast routine.  My next goal is to work more of these zero point foods into my day so I stop “overspending” my daily SmartPoints budget.  Dinner is another time that I struggle.  I love bread and all of it’s cousins!  But they are an easy way to go over budget everyday.  I’ve been working hard on following the plan 5 out of 7 days a week.  Allowing myself Sunday and Monday to “goof off”, then back to business the rest of the week.  These past two weeks I have been following this plan and last week it seemed to work well for me with a loss of 1.8lbs.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings for potential weight loss.  I’m struggling with the idea of “Freestyle”, mainly because I’m not feeling as “free” as the commercials make it look or even as some of my meeting room cohorts make it sound.  I admit I get a little jealous, when I hear these amazing loss stories each week, wondering why doesn’t my journey look lie theirs.

But back to the topic at hand-Weight Watchers Freestyle-what do you think?  Have any suggestions for the toddler Jenn (aka me) to incorporate more vegitables into my day?

*I am in no way affiliated with Weight Watchers and the opinions in this blog are my own.*

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