Reflect and Refresh

Taking stock of the past can help you set up for the year ahead.

Looking back at your healthy living efforts over the past six months, two years…even five years!  Aside from your on the scale goals, what are you small victories, big wins and challenges?  Think about what you’ve accomplished, what made you proud and what you still want to achieve.  The end of the year and beginning of the next is a natural point to review these goals and reset for the next year.

Looking back on your experiences gives you important feedback that helps you decide what to do (or not do) next.  Consider what has worked with your food, activity and mindset.  This is a great tool that I plan to implement for myself this year.  I plan on doing it quarterly rather than once a year.  Having a 12 week goal seem much more attainable than 52 week goal. I know that one of my largest struggles over this past year has been with food.

I know that food is my largest issue.  Food is where I turn when I’m stressed, overwhelmed, feeling empty.  It’s also used in celebration.  Working through this is a constant struggle.  Setting small goals will hopefully get me through.  Finding more fulfilling ways to “fill the empty” and get through the stressful times.

Below is a great tool that I started using.  I’ve posted my completed list on my Instagram page.  You can find it here.  I’ll also have a blank version of the paper incase you’d like a copy to fill out yourself!

Here’s to a GREAT year!!

Fill in at least ONE thing…….

1. I completed….
2. I stopped doing……
3. I started doing………..
4. I am going to stop doing in the next 12 weeks……
5. I am going to start doing in the next 12 weeks……
6. I learned……
7. I’m happy about……
8. I’m going to learn how to do in the next 12 weeks…….
9. That didn’t go as well as I expected…….
10. That went better than I expected……
11. I am going to get DONE…….
12. I need to spend money on…..
13. I need help with…..
14. I’m finding frustrating…..
15. I’m going to read….
16. I’m going to get more organized about……
17. I’m going to do EVERY day…….
18. I’d like to know how to do…….
19. I’m going to get better at………..
20. I’m proud of………

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