Reality Check After the Holidays

We’re still coming off the time of year that can cause us to feel pressure to be extra crafty, social, generous and downright festive.  I know that sums me right up!  If you’re one of the lucky ones that didn’t feel that pressure-great for you!  If you were affected, it’s totally normal to get caught up in unrealistic visions (your own, or someone else’s) of a picture perfect holiday and be disappointed if they fall short.  A post holiday reality check is a simple way to manage that.  A reality check is what this girl needs!

Take a minute to examine how you really felt during the holiday and how those thoughts affected how you felt and possibly continue to feel.  Taking this inventory can help you to better prepare for the next round of holidays that are coming up in just a few short months.

When you can identify and reality check your unhelpful thoughts, you can change your feelings and that can set you up for actions that help you enjoy the season’s pleasures without losing sight of your goals.  For me the holidays (any of them) cause anxiety.  I get stressed no matter if I’m hosting the holiday here or if I’m attending the holiday elsewhere.It’s definitely easier for me to manage my food choices when I’m hosting because I tend to keep myself extra busy in the kitchen.  When attending at someone else’s place I don’t have any control over the menu, which I can find overwhelming. I also have a hard time with socializing during family events.  I tend to be an introvert.  So large social situations make me anxious as well- not to mention managing my children’s anticipated needs.

These are some of the things that I have to work on and come up with strategies to work through these anxieties.  Here are some strategies that I’m going to keep  on hand to help me during those stressful times:

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