Master Your Time

How to find more time for what matters most to you.

So what does time management really mean?  We all know the feeling- there’s so much to do but so little time! That’s where managing your schedule can help.  You can’t build more hours into your day…although some days we wish that was possible!  But we can begin to use our time effectively, because when we do it feels like we have more of it!  As you look at your day and what takes up your time, you can pinpoint what’s helping you reach your goals on and off the scale – not to mention what’s getting in your way!

How all this helps is that studies have shown that lack of time is a key barrier to eating healthy, moving more and losing weight.  Once you zero in on the things in your day that take up some of your precious time, you will be able to eliminate some and make room for the important things.  You know- like your family and yourself!  When we feel more control of our time and what we do with it we tend to be happier, less stressed and overall healthier.

The Weight Watcher’s Weekly on this topic provided an exercise on how to “OWN YOUR TIME”.  It’s based on the jar theory.  Where you think of your day as an empty jar, filling it with rocks (must dos), then pebbles (things that help life run smoothly), sand (life enhancers) and finally water (extras).  You can fit in a lot without overflowing.  But if you add water or sand first it becomes harder to fit in those rocks and pebbles!

Rocks – The most important “musts” like work, family, health – plus meals, sleep and physical activity.

Pebbles – Helpful activities that support the musts – tracking meals, doing laundry, food shopping.

Sand – Valuable self care activities that help you slip into your day – reading, calling a pal, gardening.

Water – Life’s little extras like online shopping, watching TV.  Tip – try multitasking to fit them in.

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