What’s Your Why?

What keeps you going?  Knowing your motivation for losing weight can help you reach your goals.

For most people it is more than just a number.  It’s about a positive intention-what do you intend to do?  How do you intend to live?  to find your why, dig deep, to the heart of your motivation.  The more specific you are about your why, the more powerful it is!  Find pictures of what your why looks like and make a vison board or paste them to a board and keep them in your office.  Make a screensaver for your phone with a collage of all the photos that represent your why!

Weight Watcher’s Weekly helps us, by asking some important questions to help us find our ‘why”:

1. Answer quickly – WHY DO YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT?
3. Now make it yours! Answer again – WHY DO YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT?

Here’s my “WHY”…..

Almost seven years ago I began this journey and hit my Lifetime Goal in 2010.  I learned that being able to move without feeling horribly was such a blessing.  I could run, play, hike and simply move around after my son with ease.  After reaching lifetime and holding onto it for nearly two years, I had another child, putting back all the weight and also was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

This time around my why is for my kids.  I want to be more active for them and I want to be a good example of what healthy looks like.  Showing them by doing.  I want to be able to say to them do what I do.  Balance is everything and finding a healthy balance is key.

What’s your why?

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