Boost Awareness

Tracking gives you insights, keeps you focused and helps you succeed.

The evidence is clear!  Tracking helps you lose weight by making you aware of what and how much you’re eating,  BUT…it’s up to you on when and how to track!  Some people pre-track all their meals, using it as a guide for the day so they won’t stray.  Others prefer to track as they go.  I know I vary between the two.  Some weeks I’ve sat down on a Sunday and planned my whole upcoming week.  Other weeks, like this week, I’m playing catch up on my tracking.  It’s not about being perfect, its using that mindful piece and using your tracker as a tool to help reach those goals.

How it helps- when you’re tracking, it helps you stick to your calorie or point goals and you are able to budget on if something is “worth” eating. This is especially important at certain times in your journey, like when you’re just starting, after a vacation or when you haven’ t been to a meeting in  awhile and you want to get back on track.

The infamous “BLUE DOT” and Weight Watchers Weekly’s Tips on how to get them-
We consistently talk about the blue dot in the meeting room and there are still so many people who aren’t sure what they even are!
To help you better understand how the blue dot works, it’s based on your healthy eating range. The healthy eating range is considered to be up to 3 points below to 7 points above your daily SmartPoints target. Each day that you track within your healthy eating range you earn a blue dot.
There were mixed feelings about these blue dots in the meeting room this past weekend. Some people love them and use them as a challenge to see how many blue dots they can get each week or each month. Others hate the blue dot because when they don’t see one it represents failure for them. So obviously you have to do what’s best for you when it comes to this. No one needs to add any additional stress to the already stressful process of losing weight.

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