Sunday Vibes

Those Sunday Vibes. I’ve got them. I slacked off in August. I went on vacation and stopped tracking. Then upon coming back from vacation, settling back in to the school routine I’m noticing that scale creep back up. I don’t want that to happen so I need to get a hold of myself again and start tracking. It’s just that simple. When I’m tracking (and following) what I’m eating, I do better. It really is a no brainer.  It of course there are a million reasons why I don’t track. The biggest one is it keeps me in denial of how much I’m actually eating.

I also started back at weekly meetings today.  there was a special for a 3 month membership where it cost me just slightly more than what I pay to go once a month.  I like going to the meetings, I get a lot out of them.  The Sunday morning group I found is great.  So I’m paid up through December 1st.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m hoping that I don’t fall into the same cycle as I did the first go round.

So my goals for this next week are fairly simple and attainable. Track everything, no matter if I “go over”, as long as I track it all. I’m also going to stick to my goal of 10K steps a day, getting in a good walk after dropping the kids at school. Water. I must drink more water. My goal is 120oz per day. My vision is truly affected when I’m not drinking enough water. My floaters get really bad. I have a specialist appointment at the end of the month and I want to have that locked down before going so they don’t try to medicate me.
Here’s to a great week and please check out a recent post I made on my Facebook about a Step Challenge Group that I’ve decided to offer. It will begin on Sunday September 17th and end on Saturday September 23rd. If it works out, we’ll keep it as an ongoing group where we can motivate each other to “move more” and hit those step goals.
Here’s to a great week and meeting whatever goals you’ve set for yourself!

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