Sunday Vibes

So I missed the last two week’s Sunday Vibes because I was  in vacation mode. I’m back at it this week and I also need to get back to tracking again. I didn’t track all vacation and although according to my home scale I stayed about the same, I still have goals to lose weight.
In order to get back on track my plan for today is to meal plan for the upcoming week. Get back in the meeting room and also begin walking during the weekdays. I’m officially cleared to swim and lift over 10lbs as of September 1st. I hit the meeting room yesterday morning for the first time since August 6th and was up .8. I’m not stressing because I have a plan.
I’ve also got some business goals for myself this fall. I’m dabbling with an Etsy shop for my crafts-such as the rock painting hobby I took up while on vacation and the jewelry stamping I’ve been making as personal gifts the last few months.  The shop is up and running with a handful of listings as well as a Facebook page and Instagram.  I’ve been looking for something to fill the need to “do something of my own” and I’m hoping this is it. Not to mention having a little extra cash in my pocket is never a bad thing. I also plan to spend some time on the kindness rock project-where you place your painted rocks out and about in the community for others to find. They can then keep them to re-hide them for another person to find. A friend added me to a local Facebook group where they post the rocks they hide and find but I may set up something for myself so I’m able to manage the drama, as with any FB group there’s drama – I’ve only been a part of the group for a few days and see it already.  I don’t need or want any extra stress in my life. Especially over painted rocks.
Back to reality these past two weeks is an understatement, with hubby scrambling to make up work from vacation, kids doctors appointments and back to school prep, then back to school-I’m hoping we all settle back in quickly by the end of this week.
Have a great week and I’ll also be getting back to my “Try it Tuesday” and hopefully adding “Foodie Friday” where I share the recipes I’ve tried.
xoxo Jenn

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