Eat Your Vegetables (and fruits too!)

There’s no better time to enjoy them than at their peak!

Going into the first week of August we talked about eating your veggies and fruits. But more than just “eat more veggies” and “eat more fruits”. We discussed that even though fruits and veggies are zero point foods that doesn’t mean that they’re “free”.

During our meeting our leader brought up a great point- when you call something “free”, most of us are programmed to go overboard, because it’s free right?! Except it’s not really free. Those fruits and veggies that some of us stopped counting (because they’re zero) still have calories and sugar. But as we also discussed-grabbing that extra piece of fruit is better than that bag of chips or sleeve of cookies you may have been eating before.  Because if we’re honest none of us joined Weight Watchers or any other weight loss program because we ate too much fruit or veggies. It’s all about balance. If you chose the piece of fruit or veggies over a sweet snack or bag of chips it’s a step in the Wright direction. If you’re an emotional eater like myself or someone who eats when they’re bored then eventually you will also need to look at the “why” you are eating. But like I said, one step at a time, it’s a long process and you’re not going to make sustainable changes overnight.
The Weight Watchers Weekly on this topic reminds you that “besides fueling your body with vitamins, fiber and other nutrients it needs for optimum health, fruits and veggies help you to find success on your plan. They satisfy your hunger, bulk up your meals and (it bears repeating) are healthy, low or 0 Smartpoints choices when you need them. So savor the flavor!”
Summer and fall are wonder times for fruits and veggies. I’m partial to the fall and winter squash myself but I also like the fact that all my herbs are growing right on my porch right now. Being able to step outside and snip exactly what you need – fresh – is a wonderful feeling. I have tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers growing in my garden too (I have a box gardens as I live in the city and my property doesn’t allow for the size garden that I’d really like!).

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