Focus on Fun

Choose physical activity that you enjoy-
It can help you succeed at weight loss!
In the meeting room during the last week of July we talked about focusing on fun. Making your movement goals by doing things you enjoy rather than by doing what you think you should do. My leader gave a great example of how to have fun while earning fit points, she had us all stand up and we did the hokey pokey! It proved that just having fun or doing something silly still counts as earning activity points. We all traded stories about the last time we “had fun” or “played”. For some it was gardening, furniture restoration or another hobby. For others like myself, it was doing things with our children. I gave the example of a family hike or walk and playing with James (my youngest) in the sprinkler.
The Weight Watchers Weekly on this topic reminds you to “Move the way you love! Swapping an it’s good for me mentality for an it feels good to me mentality can open up a new world!” When you chose to do activities you enjoy over ones you feel you “should”, you’re more likely to stick with them and do them more often. “Instead of focusing on distant or vague goals that make exercise a means to an end, keep the pleasure principal up front. Choose activities that feel like something nice you’re doing for yourself as an end goal in itself. Michelle Segar, PHD has found that when you’re motivated to move for pleasure, you’re less tired and in better spirits afterwards and you even tend to make healthier food choices!!”
Weight Watchers Weekly also recommends Dr. Segar’s book No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness. I’m going to add it to my reading wish list.

My goal is to be more present for my kids. Spend more time outdoors with them. Engaging with them. It’s my priority during our family vacation to Maine this summer!  I’ll report back with my progress and with pictures to prove it! What do you do to motivate yourself to move?

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