Sunday Vibes

So as I take a look back at my week, overall I had a good one. I ate when I was hungry and made mindful choices. I tracked each and everyday using both the Weight Watchers app and My Fitness Pal. What’s kind of crazy is how on days that were out of sight for points on Weight Watchers weren’t bad calorie/nutrient wise on My Fitness Pal. I haven’t been drinking enough water. That I do know. I have a personal goal of 120oz per day and I’ve been averaging about half of that so I’d like to step it up on that end. Not eating sweets has been an intermittent problem for me over this past week. However I was able to satisfy the cravings with some mini marshmallows. 
One thing I’ve noticed this week is I’m feeling a little down, emotionally. I’ve been recovering remarkably well from my gallbladder surgery and I am thankful for that. Right now I’m only taking Tylenol and Motrin as needed, which is rarely. I am able to move around fairly well with only moderate pain when getting in and out of bed and my incisions have healed up nicely. I haven’t really left the house, by choice. Which is a classic beginning to spiraling into feeling depressed. Being restricted by not only my body but the doctor is tough. I’m used to doing so many things without assistance. Now I have to ask with most of my daily tasks. So a lot of the time they just aren’t being done because I only like to ask for help on something once, otherwise I feel like a nag.   I’m looking forward to continuing to heal and just need to hang in there for a few more weeks until all my restrictions are lifted. 
My goal for next week is to leave the house. Just get out and for more than to the grocery. My husband and oldest son are heading to Boy Scout Camp this morning for the week so it’ll be just me and the little guy for the week. So I’ll only need to be responsible for the two of us. I know to take it easy, but getting out and about cannot be an option. I’ve been down this road before and I know the signs so it’s time to take an exit and get off!
I’m looking forward to a great week because I’m going to make it one. No excuses.

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