Move Mindfully

Tap into the power of awe to enhance your happiness.

Moving mindfully, do you ever think about the word “awesome”? Often we use the word to mean great, amazing, cool but in fact awe is a reaction to vastness and to scenarios that challenge how we think about the world.  Coming physical activity with the awe inspiring scenes anything from the deep blue of the summer sky to skyscrapers can help heighten a sense of wonder at the world.  This can also make physical activity more enjoyable!

According to the Weight Watchers Weekly studies show that having a sense of awe in life can enhance your happiness and physical well being! It can also increase your generosity .  Its so easy to get caught up in our own life and not focus on others or the world around us, but experiencing awe can put our ;lives into healthy perspective.  Having awe reminds us that no matter how consumed we are in our own lives- what we have, what we don’t, how we compare to everyone else – ultimately were all part of something bigger.  It’s a profound, pure sort of happiness and happy people make healthier choices that can help them succeed in weight loss. 

An activity they talk about in this WW Weekly is how to “take an awe walk”
No matter if you head to the forest, the shore or around the city here are some activities to help you make the most of the walk:

1. Leave your devices behind.  Can’t bear to be without your cell phone, switch it to airplane mode and then into your back pocket.  Electronics pull you into a virtual world rather than focusing on the physical wonders around you.

2. Be open minded.  Walked this path a thousand times before?  Look around anew as if it were your first time.  Better yet, when you head out for an “awe” walk find some place new.

3.  Think small too.  No need to travel to make your “awe” walk happen!  you can find “awe” in your own backyard by simply slowing down and seeing what nature has in store for you – like an ant carrying a leaf or a bird making a nest.

If I were to pick my favorite place to “awe” walk it would be in Groton, CT.  It’s two places actually!  The first is Bluff Point and then I like to take the pathway over to Haley Farms.  Bluff point affords you some amazing scenery if you’re willing to put in the effort of a walk.  We’ve gone as a family and picnicked on the bluffs and just watched the waves crash.  It’s amazing.  The walk over to Haley Farms has been just as rewarding, we’ve seen baby birds and stunning hawks flying above.  Once you arrive at Haley Farms it’s usually pretty quiet.  Not many people hike over there, which is too bad, because it’s a beautiful place to spend the day.  We usually agree to no phone calls of Facebooking while we’re out and about.  This way we are enjoying our environment as well as each others company.

We also make several trips to Newport, RI throughout the year, spending time walking the cliff walk then strolling town afterwards for dinner.  We make sure to walk everywhere!! We usually finish those days with letting the kids splash around on the beach for a while before taking the long drive home.  Some of those pictures and memories will last a lifetime for me.

**Inspired by Weight Watchers Weekly June 17-June 24 2017**

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