What’s your SUPERPOWER?

Get to know your strengths-they can help you lose!

When we discussed this in the meeting room, it was the week I was in a major funk.  It was the day I almost quit.  I didn’t pick much up that day in the meeting room because I was too deep inside my own head to hear it.  But now that I’ve gone back to my weekly in a much better frame of mind, I’ve put some thought into it.

According to Weight Watchers Weekly, it’s the traits – kindness, resilience, generosity, loyalty that make you who you are.  I know, I know you didn’t need a WW Weekly to tell you that, but if you’re like me, you needed the reminder.  Sometimes all we see are out perceived weaknesses or limitations or we let the words that describe our physical selves define us.  But we are all more than curly hair or straight teeth. 

How this helps is by recognizing our personal strengths and tapping into them it may increase happiness and reduce depression.  In one study, people who identified their unique attribute and used it in a new way every day found longer lasting happiness than those who simply journal about happy memories.  Science has also shown that happier people make healthier choices. 

An activity in the WW Weekly was USE YOUR SUPERPOWER!! Here’s the outline:

DEFINE – Think about your strong points and what comes naturally to you and write down a strength you’d like to use this week. 

DESCRIBE – Describe how you’ll use that strength in a new way.

DEBRIEF – Afterward write in detail what you did and when and where you used it.  Note how you felt and what you took away from the exercise.

I determined that my “superpower” is determination.  I’ve been on this particular journey for a while and haven’t given up.  I am determined to succeed no matter how long it takes.  I used that determination to fuel last weeks weight loss and I will continue to use it going forward.  I won’t give up on this!!

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