Have a Great VACATION!

How to balance fun, food and your plan.

During this meeting we talked about what going on vacation actually means to you and what “problems” it poses for you.  It’s all about planning, we all know that.  Planning your vacation is the easy part, how you’re going stay on track during that vacation is quite the opposite!  Some of the things that were mentioned in the meeting room was more free time to focus on the plan, some spoke about going off the rails on vacation and others mentioned that maybe the act of going off track isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Weight Watchers Weekly for this topic talks about what vacation means to you.  Vacation is a time to escape responsibilities (if you don’t have kids haha) and have fun!  But it’s also a time to stay in touch with your healthy habits and maybe even take advantage of the free time and fresh setting to get in more activity or try new foods.  In the past vacations might have involved overdoing high SmartPoints value foods and not watching portion sizes.  It may have also meant taking a break from your regular physical activity.  You wind up coming home with regret as an unwanted souvenir and this may make you apprehensive about going away in the future.  But you can find a missed ground that lets you enjoy yourself and still feel good about the choices you’ve made.

According to the WW Weekly how this helps is that the idea of leaving regular routines and environment shouldn’t be daunting.  Re framing how you think about vacation and what it means to relax and enjoy yourself.  Recognizing that you are in control of your choices and that you have travel tools to call upon can help you set an amazing plan into action.

While we were talking about this in the meeting room I thought up my upcoming vacation in August.  My family is renting a home in Maine for 10 days.  One of the very first things I did was see where the closest Weight Watchers meeting was.  Unfortunately this is Maine we’re talking about here and we’re not going to be central to much of anything.  So the closest meeting in over 45 minutes away which probably isn’t going to be doable.  But I’ll stop into a meeting the day before we leave to get weighed in and head to a meeting the day after we get home.  As for exercise I’m excited for the ability to run in the area.  We will be staying near a lake on a dead end road that is several miles long.  SO….that is prime running territory for this girl.  The also have kayaks on the property so I am going to take the opportunity to try something new.  I also will be planning my meals for the time we are gone.  By planning ahead I know I won’t splurge as much.  I want to try to stay on plan as much as possible.  I don’t want to use vacation as an excuse to overeat.  However…don’t get me wrong you’ll see me at the fit pit every night toasting some marshmallows.  haha

Planning is the key to success no matter the application.

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