Get in the groove to move!

How to find physical activity right for you.

Thinking of physical activity as part of a full life helps you make it a priority.  Just like eating healthy meals and taking care of yourself.  When you let go of the beliefs that keep you from moving more, you’ll find it easier to do and you’ll start reaping those benefits!

According to the Weight Watchers Weekly – when you shift into a move more mindset, you’ll likely to seek out ways of moving that make you feel good.  You’ll also reap the physical and mental benefits that come with moving more.  You’ll gain confidence, improve your mood, boost your health and be better able to achieve and maintain your weight loss.

During our meeting we discussed that not every exercise “works” for every person.  One person may love Zumba and another may hate it.  You have to find what works for you right now.  Even if it’s just taking a walk – find out what motivates you.  Some people love taking the same route(s) every day, they find a routine and stick to it.  Others need to “walk for a reason” and find they do very well when they go on vacation.  My family likes to take day trips and we log a ton of steps walking miles upon miles or we head to our favorite beach front state park in Groton, CT and mix exercise with family fun.

It’s important to find what fits you best to get you moving more!  For me right now it’s a 5K.  I got into running while I was on program 8 or so years ago.  I ran almost every day and it helped me lose the remaining weight and hit Lifetime.  I am hoping to do that again this time.  Running really clears y head.  I have some of my best ideas when I’m running or kickboxing.  High impact sports is my thinking time – go figure!

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