Take good care of yourself.

Self-compassion can help you succeed at weight loss!

This weeks topic in the meeting room was about taking care of yourself.  Reminding you to take good care of yourself.  There is a saying that if you can’t pour from an empty cup.  It applies to self care.  We’ve discussed this many times and as humans we tend to take care of everyone else’s needs before our own.  Which can end up burning us out and hurting us emotionally and physically in the long run.    By the time we reach the end of our rope we start lashing out at ourselves and sometimes our loved ones.  If we had just “poured from the cup” providing to ourselves first, we would have plenty to give to others.

The Weight Watchers Weekly reminds us that it is all about compassion.  Being kind, understanding and supportive of yourself no matter the situation – just as you would a friend.  It’s giving yourself pep talks rather than put downs; taking care of your physical and emotional needs and giving yourself credit for all the amazing things you do and say every day.  When you treat yourself with kindness, you’re more likely to take care of your health even when you are ill or stresses and better able to stick with your weight loss.  What happens next is the best part!  As your sense of self worth increases, your relationships with others improve.  There are studies that show that people who can look at their successes and failures alike with a caring, non-judgmental lens are less afraid of failure and have a more positive outlook and a better sense of well being.

The WW Weekly also gives a quick sheet on “What to do: Show yourself some love”, so I’ll also share that here so you can write it out and keep it where you can find it, so when you’re feeling low you have a “cheat sheet”.

PHYSICAL: What helps you relieve tension and stress? (Examples: massaged exercise, a warm bath, knitting)

MENTAL:  How do you relax your mind? (Examples:  read a good book, do a crossword puzzle, sing)

EMOTIONAL:  What soothes you?  (Examples: brushing the cat, cooking, gardening, listening to music)

RELATIONAL:  How do you connect with others in a way that makes you happiest? (Examples: writing a letter, taking a walk together, hosting a game night)

SPIRITUAL:  How do you commit to your values? (Examples: pray, volunteer your time, spend time in nature)

Just so you have an idea of where my mind is at, here are the answers to those prompts for me:

Physical – exercise, sometimes thats the only way I know how to clear my mind – walk it off

Mental – Reading a book or taking a drive blasting the music singing just as loud!

Emotional – Gardening, if the season calls for it.  My yard is my favorite place to be.  Cleaning and organizing fills the gap when I can’t garden.

Relational – Spending time with my husband and sons is where I’m the happiest.  Sometimes its staying home and hanging in the yard or going to a state park or taking a day trip.

Spiritual – Spending time in nature is the biggest way, along with my spiritual practice which I try to incorporate daily.

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