Is This Food Worth It?

“Smart ways to make right-for-you decisions”
I’m a few weeks behind on writing this but it’s appropriate for me right now.  
Is this food worth it?
Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not.  For me this is the case, however using these questions that were posted in the weekly magazine may help me decide a better choice the next time around.
  1. “Do I truly want it?” (external hunger) or because you truly are internally hungry?
  2. “Do I have the SmartPoints values for it?”A quick check of your daily budget and of the food in  question – will answer that.
  3. “Will I eat it mindfully?” That applies to both making the choice and savoring it as you eat.

The 3rd question is the one for me, the one that should force me to stop and think.  I can guarantee that if I’m taking the time to ask myself the question, I won’t be eating it mindfully.Thinking about the food you’re about to eat-before you take your first bite-puts your focus on what you’re doing and keeps you from eating on autopilot just because it’s there or it’s a familiar go-to choice.

Stress eating for me is one of the times I could use this line of questioning.  Eating while board is another one of those times.  Will these questions help you?

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