Spring Into Action

“Welcome the season by exploring fresh ways to be active!”
At this weeks meeting we started a new challenge.  From March 5th  – April 15th, come to 4 out of 6 weeks of the challenge to a meeting and get a Spring Up Award!  Who doesn’t love a new charm for their key ring?  I know I do!  My personal goal is 6 out of 6.
Now with all that “welcome the season” talk, anyone that lives in New England knows Mother Nature has been on a tail spin when it comes to weather so it’s hard to imagine that spring is actually just about 10 days from today.  Especially since they’re talking about 2 different snow storms here in CT.  Regardless Spring is coming and I know I’m excited.  I’ve taken advantage of some of those spring like days we’ve had to get some walking in.  Especially since my aggressive workout plan was stopped in its tracks when I had a fall down the stairs a few weeks ago.  Fortunately I only ended up with a badly busied tailbone and nasty scratch on my back.  It forced me to slow down a bit, but walking was still possible.  
Recent research suggests that spending time in nature can help you to feel restored and less stressed.The greater your overall well being, the more likely you are to eat better, sleep better and be more active.  
For me April brings spring break from the kid’s school and I enjoy taking them to the zoo.  It’s great to be outdoors and they love it.  It gives us our first taste of Spring.  I try to plan as many outdoor activities as the weather permits.  When the end of April, beginning of May hits, it turns into gardening season.  My all time favorite.  I love tending to all my plants and making my yard look beautiful.  The struggle for me is not spending too much money on new plants!
Get out there when the weather is nice and enjoy that SUNSHINE! Summer follows close behind!

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