New Beginnings

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been finding my way in life. Still am. Tomorrow we start a new chapter. James, 3, is heading off to school. I was really excited until it hit me today that I might actually miss him being around all day. This afternoon we’ll go meet his teacher. We’re familiar with the school since Nate (8) goes there already. 
The big question is what do I do? I’ll be transporting the kids to & from school daily leaving me a few hours daily that will be all me. My husbands business can always use support. Growing the business is always a priority. But I’m looking for something that’s all mine too. 
Maybe I’ll take a week or two and just do things for me. Reflect upon what makes me feel purposeful since I’m still a little lost on that front. I’m hoping to give more time to my blog and over sharing about my life. Haha. 
Here’s to the next chapter and hanging in there with me. 

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