Let Down

Yup. This morning was a let down. I really expected to see some sort of a loss. Any kind of loss. But I do recognize where I could make changes for this week. 
1. Carbs. After doing my cleanse I learned that I am carb intolerant. Yet I continue to keep breads in my diet. My bloating was far less when I didn’t eat any breads,pastas and crackers. 
2. Dairy. I also learned dairy is a trigger for me. I’ve eaten quite a bit of those spreadable cheeses this past week. 
3. Exercise. I’ve done some walking, even some jogging. But 2 good days doesn’t cover a whole week. I set a 10k step goal for myself and only met it 3 out of 7 days. 
This week I’ll make some changes and see where it takes me. 
1. Omitting the foods I mentioned above. 
2. Making sure I hit those step goals each day. 
3. Fighting the negative talk in my head is always a huge challenge. 
4. Remembering to put myself first. I am more than a stay at home mom. 
I set some self empowerment exercises in motion on the dark moon. I need to continue to nurture those petitions. 
Until next week…wish me luck. 
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