5 Ways to Feel Freaking Amazing …Even on the day of the week you’re feeling your least hot

As if you needed another reason to dread the first day of the workweek,women tend to feel their least attractive on Mondays, according to a new study from PHD, a global media and communications agency. The company surveyed 684 women about what days and times of the week they felt least sexy, and more than half of the participants said they felt their worst on Mondays. Sundays, meanwhile, came in second with 39 percent of respondents saying their confidence was at an all-time low on that day.

So why are women feeling not-so-hot on Mondays? According to the survey results, it’s tied to the start of the workweek: There’s a ton of stress affecting women’s appearances and often a lack of motivation to even try to look good.

4 Ways to Love the Skin You’re In:


Silence Your Inner Critic 


Beat Your Bad Mood in 30 Seconds or Less:


4 Ways to Own Your Own Greatness


6 Ways to Boost Your Body’s Confidence


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