Post Pregnancy Weight Loss….

It begins today for me. Now that James is settled in at home and I’m starting to feel like myself again, it’s time to get back on Weight Watchers and get back to lifetime status!

During my pregnancy I learned I had hypothyroidism. Which explains the weight gain I was noticing prior to finding out I was pregnant.  Now they seem to have that straightened out for me and that should be one less hurdle in my newest weight loss journey. 
I have 58 pounds to lose in order to be back at my “lifetime” weight with weight watchers. I’ll be posting my weight loss journey, workouts I’ve done for the day and my progress on my Facebook page I can’t wait to share my journey back to “being me”!
Here’s a picture from about 2 weeks before having James and then this morning:
I’ll take the one+ week transformation! I’ll also post weekly photo updates, this will help me feel accountable that I’m working back to my goal. 
Thanks for following my journey!!❤

One thought on “Post Pregnancy Weight Loss….

  1. Conrad Mills says:

    Every great journey has an amazing story behind it. And it’s good to read about yours! And I have to agree — that extra weight that a woman gains from giving birth is indeed the hardest to lose. But with your tips, which is a combination of workouts and meal plans, will somehow make it easier for them. Anyway, thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope you will achieve all your goals this year!

    Conrad Mills @ Toronto Top Team


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