4 Moves to a Flat Belly

The body part you can’t stomach? Your stomach, according to our poll. Tighten and trim your waistline with these four ab-sculpting moves from trainer David Kirsch.

Stability-Ball Jackknife

Position your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and place your shins on a stability ball. Your body should form a straight line from head to heels (a). Keeping your back flat, slowly bend your knees toward your chest (b). Pause, then return to start. That’s one rep. Do 15 to 20.

Stability-Ball Hand-Offs

Grab a light dumbbell in your right hand and position your shoulders on a stability ball, feet flat on the floor. Form a straight line from knees to shoulders and lift the weight above your right shoulder (a). Raise your shoulders, bring the weight to your left thigh, and grab it with your left hand (b). Reverse the move to return to start. Do 15 to 20 reps on each side.

Reverse Oblique Crunch

Lie on the floor with your arms at your sides, palms down, legs raised, and knees slightly bent (a). Lift your hips and twist them slightly to the right (b). Return to start. That’s one rep. Repeat on the left side; continue alternating for 15 to 20 reps.

Side Plank with Rear Fly

Grab a dumbbell with your right hand and prop yourself up on your left forearm so your body is in a straight line. Hold the weight out in front of you at shoulder level (a). Slowly raise the weight toward the ceiling, arm straight, pulling your shoulder blades together (b). Return to start. That’s one rep. Do 15 to 20, then switch sides and repeat.

photo: Beth Bischoff

Published on June 5th, 2013

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