If You Have 5 Minutes…

You can get your heart rate soaring, jolt your energy, tone all of your muscles and help your bones!  The key to all of this is Plyometrics or jumping exercises, which are best when done in small doses, making them a perfect micro-mini workout!

The following routine will burn about 43 calories, do all the moves, then repeat the sequence 1 time, resting as needed between exercises to catch your breath:

  1. Jump Squat: Stand with feet slightly more than hip width apart and squat down, keeping your knees in line with ankles.  Immediately jump back up, using your arms for momentum and land quietly in a squat.  Do 7 reps.
  2. Jump Lunge: Stand with feet hip width apart and lunge back with right foot.  Bend both knees, keeping left knee over ankle.  Exhale and jump up, switching legs midair so right leg is forward and left leg is back when you land.  DO 10 reps, alternating legs with each jump.
  3. Plyometric PushUp: Start in push-up position (hands under shoulders, back straight, abs engaged, toes tucked under)  Bend elbows, bringing chest toward floor, then push off floor powerfully enough to left both hands a few inches. Land softly, bending elbows.  To modify keep knees on the floor.  Do 5 to 10 reps
  4. Medicine Ball Pretend Throw: Stand with feet slightly more than hip width apart, holding a medicine ball at chest level in front of you.  Squat down, then stand up and rapidly bring ball overhead, as if throwing it behind you.  Lower, do 5 to 10 reps.

2 thoughts on “If You Have 5 Minutes…

  1. 1TootieFoodie says:

    We all have 5 minutes! I hear a lot of moms talk about time and I complain about it to but if I account for all my time in the day I am sure I have more than 5 mins like while sitting on my butt looking at blogs…LOL. Not helping loose any baby weight.


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