Lose Weight…like a guy

So we all hate that guys can drop weight and tone up like it’s no big deal, so why not steal some of the strategies that make it work for them.  Here they are:

Have a one tracked mind: Guys have a one track mind..when it comes to fitness, that works!  Women tend to pick all the vices they have to work on all at once, no wonder we fail!  So pick your worst diet habit and pair it with your most challenging fitness goal and make them your mission for the next four weeks. 

Act oblivious: Men don’t worry about what the random Joe on the street thinks of their body.  I know that can be hard to adopt, so find some workout clothes that make you feel uber confident in so that when you’re running or taking that class you can focus on that instead of what you look like.

Grunt, groan and sweat:  All that noise you hear from the next treadmill over signals the intensity that he’s working out.  Guess what?  That guy is on to something!  Basically you burn more fat and tone muscles in less time with gasp inducing cardio intervals.  What that boils down to is if you can talk you need to work harder!

Feed your ego:  Ego is a powerful motivator, so the next time you workout…brag…even if it’s just to yourself.  Or start working out with a super fit friend and don’t let her out exercise you.

Ditch the dinner drama:  Guys look at food and think yum.  We look at food and think this is bad for me or this will make me feel better after today.  We put too much emotion into our meals.  Start looking at food like it’s fuel.  Eat because you’re hungry or need energy. So basically no feeling guilty for what you eat, because you were hungry and needed the energy!

Pump iron: Look at the weight room as the lose weight room.  Lifting weights revs your metabolism, torches calories and sculpts sexy muscles.  It’s so effective that you should put cardio as second fiddle and have strength be 60 percent of your routine.  Embrace free weights and ditch the machines..you’ll work more muscles.  Not to mention pump up the self esteem while you’re at it!

Don’t (over)think – do: Men generally just jump right into a workout plan without much thought behind it.  So what that means for you is you want to try crossfit?  Sign up for a class.  Why not lace up those sneakers and go for a jog right now?  Stop thinking and GO!

Eat real food: When was the last time you saw a man munching on a 100 calorie pack?  Go for more whole foods like nuts, turkey, cheese sticks, fruit and veggies.

Care about your stats: Basically guys like stats and stick to them, they have fitness goals and they look to exceed them each time.  That way you can revel in success more often when you hit 10 more reps than last workout or you just run a half mile more than you did last run.  Make it happen!!

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