Trouble Zones Part III

Part three of four series on how to work those trouble zones!


Who doesn’t want an amazing rear view?  Here are two exercises to get you toned in all the right places.

Swinger (Targets butt and hips)

  • Start on the ground on all fours, for extra counterbalancing support, prop your left hand up on fingertips and bend left elbow slightly
  • Extend right leg behind you at hip level, toes pointed, then keeping your hips still, bring it directly out to the side
  • Hold for 1 count, return to start
  • Do 8 reps, switch sides and repeat, do 2 sets

Perky Pendulum (Targets back, butt and hamstrings)

  • Stand with feet together, arms by side
  • Extend right arm (parallel to the ground) and right leg (as high as you can) behind you, rotating your body slightly so that your right hip faces up, with your foot flexed, extending your arm diagonally up in front of you
  • Slowly hinge hips to tilt torso forward, keeping right leg lifted behind you and reaching left fingertips toward the ground
  • Return to the start, Do 5 reps, switch sides, repeat, Do 2 sets

Why it hits the spot?  Because your glutes run diagonally, the “swinger” move works them in their full range of motion.  While doing the “perky pendulum” keep this in mind, when doing squats and other butt firmers, supporting muscles, such as quads, are giving your booty a break.  With your leg fully extended in midair, all the lift is coming from the glutes!

Fitness Magazine July/August 2011

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