Downsize Your Dinner

Dinnertime can be tough on all of us, so here are some tips to cut some calories without missing out or feeling hungry.

  • Toss your salad with squeeze of orange and a teaspoon of olive oil instead of two tablespoons of ranch dressing (Save 100 calories)
  • Rather than saute veggies in olive oil, stir fry them in fat free vegetable broth and toss with  teaspoon of olive oil after they’re cooked. (Save almost 200 calories)
  • Trade a cup of spaghetti for a cup of spaghetti squash (Save 179 calories)
  • Prevent late night binges by splitting your dinner into two separate meals.  Eating half at your normal dinner time and half at your late night snack time is a good suggestion made by Leslie J Bonci, R.D., FITNESS advisory board member and director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  You won’t feel deprived or overindulge. (Save at least 250 calories)
  • Instead of using oil to flavor your rice, add a tea bag (try jasmine and green tea) to the cooking water. (Save at least 100 calories)
  • Make cauliflower and cheese instead of mac and cheese (Save 192 calories a cup)
  • Swap sour cream on a baked potato for nonfat Greek yogurt (Save more than 60 calories)
  • Replace butter on asparagus with grated lemon peel (Save 200 calories)
  • Thicken soups with a cup of pureed white beans, not cream, says Katie Cavuto Boyle R.D., nutritionist for the Philadelphia Phillies (Save more than 500 calories a cup)

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Fitness Magazine June 2011

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