Lighten Your Lunch

Here are some ways to cut back on calories come lunch time!

  • Use a teaspoon of dry-roasted sunflower seeds instead of croutons on your salad. (Save 30-50 calories)
  • Choose a six inch turkey sub instead of tuna on your next trip to Subway. (Save 220 calories)
  • Spread a wedge of light cheese on your sandwich instead of a Swiss cheese slice. (Save 71 calories)
  • On a Caprese salad, hold the olive oil, when you have good mozzarella and fresh tomato all they need to compliment them are balsamic vinegar and basil, according to Leslie J Bonci, R.D., FITNESS advisory board member and director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Save 120-240 calories)
  • Order a cup of egg drop soup instead of wonton soup the next time you order out for Chinese (Save 50-100 calories)
  • Order a bowl of the Broccoli Cheese Soup rather than the Loaded Baked Potato soup at Chilis (Save 180 calories)
  • Have a Burger King Cheeseburger instead of the BK Veggie Burger (go figure!) Save 110 calories
  • Order any of Taco Bell’s Fresco tacos or burritos instead of a salad (I know..crazy right?)Save 510-760 calories
  • Get an open faced grilled chicken sandwich with a half serving of fries and a side salad in place of a burger and fries (Save 300-500 calories)
  • Swap candied walnuts for an ounce of raisins on your salad (Save 115 calories)

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    Fitness Magazine June 2011

    One thought on “Lighten Your Lunch

    1. 1TootieFoodie says:

      It is crazy but if you look at all the fast food “salads” out there it is so not worth it! It is such a ploy these places are doing to get customers in and then you wonder why “hey I am still gaining weight” eating a salad everyday.


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