Eat Healthy Spend Less

Here are some ways that you can stock up on healthy foods at the supermarket without breaking the bank:

  • Go lean – shop for meats that are labeled “loin” or “round” says Dee Sandquist, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.  They tend to be less expensive and have less fat (go figure).

  • Use High Tech – Some supermarkets offer hand held scanners that you can use while you shop.  This allows you to keep a running total of how much you are spending.  Some of these stores also offer you a discount for using the new technology!  If your local market doesn’t offer it there is a free app (for iPhone and Android) called Grocery Pal, it tells you where to find your groceries cheaper.

  • Spice It Right – Instead of buying jars of costly spices that you rarely use, purchase the amount you need in the bulk section, Sandquist recommends.

  • Shop Less Often – Try to make just one trip a week to the grocery store, this cuts down on impulse buys, time and gas.

Fitness Magazine July/August 2011

One thought on “Eat Healthy Spend Less

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